Tojora Show only see all. Guaranteed 3 uos delivery. Circuit at all ups have Ic test port. Guaranteed by Fri, Aug 3. Each level converter has the capability of converting 4 ups on the high side to 4 pins on the low side with two inputs ups two outputs provided for each side. Life Support for the Procurement Process.

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It includes methods of encoding line 60 Hz and line 50 Hz signals, both with luminance samples and chrominance samples per line. The colour encoding system is known as , that being the ratio of Y:Cb:Cr samples luminance data:blue chroma data:red chroma data.

For a pair of pixels, the data is stored in the order Y1:Y2:Cb:Cr, with the chrominance samples co-sited with the first luminance sample. The CCIR signal can be reagarded as if it is a digitally encoded analog component video signal, and thus includes data for the horizontal and vertical sync and blanking intervals.

Regardless of the frame rate, the luminance sampling frequency is The luminance sample is at least 8 bits, and the chrominance samples are at least 4 bits each.

The first version of CCIR defined only a parallel interface, but later versions introduced the bit-serial versions that are now commonly used. Modern standards use an encoding table to expand the data to 9 or 10 bits.

There is an 8-bit version in which only data from the active video periods are transmitted, with a bit rate of only In each 8-bit luminance sample, the value 16 is used for black and for white, to allow for overshoot and undershoot.

The values 0 and are used for sync encoding. The Cb and Cr samples use the value to encode a zero value, as used when encoding a colourless area. CCIR defines the parallel connector pinouts as well as the blanking, sync, and multiplexing schemes used in both parallel and serial interface.


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