Jan 20, No Comments Jammed pseudo-solid materials Jamming is a phenomenon that allows certain complex fluids to behave like solids when their density increases. He noted Nov 26, No Comments Graphene-based aerogel Aerogel is a type of material structure created when the liquid in a gel-based substance is replaced with a gas, resulting in an Sep 10, No Comments Crack-repairing bitumen The asphalt binder in a roadbed is continually degraded by environmental forces such as solar ultraviolet rays. In time, the material loses its May 07, No Comments Biologically grown masonry The standard architectural material palette consists of many energy-intensive materials, such as brick masonry and concrete. In contrast, nature exhibits notable strategies Mar 12, No Comments 3D printed mineral structures Stone Spray is a building method that creates structures out of soil.

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Page: View: The past few decades brought a revolution in computer software and hardware; today we are on the cusp of a materials revolution. If yesterday we programmed computers and other machines, today we program matter itself. This has created new capabilities in design, computing, and fabrication, which allow us to program proteins and bacteria, to generate self-transforming wood products and architectural details, and to create clothing from "intelligent textiles" that grow themselves.

This book offers essays and sample projects from the front lines of the emerging field of active matter. Active matter and programmable materials are at the intersection of science, art, design, and engineering, with applications in fields from biology and computer science to architecture and fashion. These essays contextualize current work and explore recent research. Sample projects, generously illustrated in color, show the range of possibilities envisioned by their makers. Contributors explore the design of active material at scales from nano to micro, kilo, and even planetary.

They investigate processes of self-assembly at a microscopic level; test new materials that can sense and actuate themselves; and examine the potential of active matter in the built environment and in living and artificial systems. Active Matter is an essential guide to a field that could shape the future of design.


Transmaterial 3

Series: Transmaterial Trex Lab Technology has developed a series of material-molding. Selected pages Title Page. Rubberized origami textile Orimetric is a transmaterial 3, structured textile made from geometric patterns derived from origami. Mandarine added it Jul 05, An excellent ideas generator, Transmaterial 3 is an indispensable tool for transmatrrial architect or designer looking to keep up with the current trends in the field of materials. Liz marked it as to-read Jun 22, If transmaterial 3 want to force a particular order, use the character to divide the number and the descriptor. With transmaterial 3 cords to tie. Interactive color changing light The Flip light is a fun and tactile new luminaire that changes color when it rotates.


PAPress — surprising, inspiring, and informing those curious about the visual world.

Dec 02, No Comments Living canopy system Vermilion Sands is a living ceiling composed of foliated geotextile modules. The system consists of a steel pipe structure and a grid Oct 14, No Comments Thermobimetal structural shell Exo is a vertical structure that makes use of the smart properties of thermobimetal, a coupling of two metal alloys that exhibit Aug 26, No Comments Thermally regulated ventilation system The Air Flow er is an active ventilating surface. The zero-energy apparatus consists of an assemblage of flowerlike modules that open as Aug 19, No Comments Municipal communications beacon The Crisscross Signal Spire is a twenty-first-century signal tower composed of internally illuminated vertical tubes. Developed by Netherlands-based Joris Laarman Lab in Mar 04, No Comments Ultralight metallic cellular material Inspired by the lattice structures of ambitious works of engineering, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Golden Gate Bridge, researchers Feb 11, No Comments Smart foil responsive surface Lotus is a responsive surface made of pieces of smart foil that fold open in response to human proximity. The wind-activated structure generates and consumes renewable energy,.

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