According to the biography written by John G. He was one of the first spiritual teachers to travel to the West, where he met various European heads of state, as well as U. He was born as a twin, in , and came into this world with a smile on his face. His grandfather, Achyutam, was a famous astrologer, and along with the other signs of his birth, he announced that a great soul had been born and that the family line would come to an end, as it had fulfilled its purpose on earth. In , at the age of eighteen, the future saint was ready to leave civilization and attempt the vision of God. For the next quarter of a century, he lived alone in the remote forest beside the Narbada river, in the upper Deccan of southern India.

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They behave childishly. Bennett was a scientist and mathematician of a certain standing, but he wavered, he missed. He started looking for another master again. And it is not that he remained with Shivapuri either….

Shivapuri Baba was a very old man when Bennett met him. He was almost one hundred and ten years old. He was really made of steel.

He lived for almost one and a half centuries. He was seven feet tall and one hundred and fifty years old and still there was no sign that he was going to die. He decided to leave the body — it was his decision. Shivapuri was a silent man, he did not teach. Particularly a man who had known Gurdjieff and his tremendous teaching would find it very ordinary to be with Shivapuri Baba. Bennett wrote his book and started searching again for a master.

Shivapuri Baba was not even dead yet. Subud is a short form of Sushil Buddha-Dharma; it is just the first letter of these three words. What foolishness! Bennett started introducing Mohammed Subud, a very good man, but not a master…nothing even compared to Shivapuri Baba; no question arises about Gurdjieff. Bennett brought Mohammed Subud to the West, and started introducing him as the successor to Gurdjieff.

Now this is utter stupidity! But Bennett writes beautifully, mathematically, systematically. His best book is Shivapuri Baba. Although Bennett was a fool, even if you allow a monkey to sit at a typewriter once in a while he may come upon something beautiful — perhaps a statement which only a buddha could make — just by knocking the typewriter keys here and there.

But he will not understand what he has written. Bennett continued in this way. Soon he became disillusioned with Mohammed Subud and started searching for yet another master. Poor fellow, his whole life he was searching and searching unnecessarily. He had already found the right man in Gurdjieff. He has written about Gurdjieff, and what he says is beautiful, efficient, but his heart is dark, there is no light in it.

Still, I count his book as one of the best. You can see that I am impartial. Second: this is a strange book, nobody reads it. You may not even have heard about it, yet it was written in America. In reality Reich was not of that status to write such a book, but he must have been possessed by some unknown spirit.

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Shivapuri Baba (Sri Govinananda Bharati) (1826-1963)

Bennett, who met him in when the sage was already a reported years old. Bennett stated: "He was a true saint who produced an immediate and uplifting effect on everyone who entered his presence. Later in life, Shivapuri Baba visited England and made no fewer than 18 visits to Queen Victoria; he was possibly the first Indian holy man invited to meet the queen. Shivapuri Baba was born in a Brahmin family in Kerala.


John G. Bennett

No customer reviews yet. You can browse similar titles or contact us for a personalised recommendation. Many new pictures. Bennett writes of one of the most remarkable men in our time: a year old Indian saint. The guide to Right Living described in this book is extraordinary in its simplicity, yet adaptable to any age or culture. At a tender age of 18, he decided to abandon the world and seek for absolute truth. Here, Bennett is talking of the time when "the future Edward VII was a three-year old infant in Buckingham Palace while the great Indian saint Ramakrishna was ten years old.

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