He was educated firstly at a local school and went to Patna for intermediate education. Madgen Solutions. Bharti defended himself by saying that he chose to settle because defending the case in the United States would have been costlier for him. In response to his PILs , the Ministry of Human Resources and Development, through an affidavit, clarified that they are not against homeschooling. He led a movement against the abeyance of sentencing of Buddhi in the USA. In contrast, Bharti was new to politics.

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Re-compute the minimum wage on the basis of the actual commodity prices as on 1. Aykroyd formula stipulated percentages for housing and social obligations, children education etc. Revise the fitment formula and pay levels on the basis of the so determined minimum wage; We arc not in agreement with the methodology adopted by the 7th CPC in computing the minimum WAGE. We given here under briefly the reasons thereof. The Staff Side had objected to the adoption of those rates in its meeting with the Commission on 9th June, Aykroyd formula.

Same is the case with the reduction effected by the Commission on housing and social obligation factors. The house rent allowance is not a full compensation of the expenditure incurred by an employee for obtaining an accommodation.

Therefore, no reduction on that count in arriving at the minimum wage is permissible. The employees were in receipt of HRA even at that time. The Children education allowance is not a full reimbursement of the expenses one has to incur.

After the liberalization of the Education Sector where private parties were allowed to set up universities and colleges, the expenses for education had increased heavily. No concession or allowance is granted to the employees for educating the children beyond the higher secondary levels. The earlier Pay Commission has only tried to compensate a little in the increasing cost of education and that too at the primary level, since even the Governmental institutions had started charging abnormal tuition and other fees.

Even though the rates quoted by them vary from the real retail prices in the market, it provides a different picture. If one is to take the rates quoted by them for different cities and make an all India average of the prices as on 1. It will result in the computation of the minimum wage of Rs. To convert the same as on 1. The final computation will be Rs. The wage of MTS will then be Rs. The corresponding figure for 1. The rates were taken on the basis of the actual retail prices in the market as on 1.

As on 1. The per capita NNP at factor cost registered an increase of In para 4. The 3rd CPC have a rise of While the percentage increase had been in ascending order all along, the 7th CPC has sought to reverse that trend ostensibly for reasons unknown. CPC that triggered the volatile situation in the civil service and led to all India Strike encompassing all employees which lasted for 5 days in We do not know whether the 7th CPC really intend to create such a scenario once again.

In their case also wage revision does take place once in 5 years. It could be seen from the above that the computation of minimum wage by the 7th CPC is prima facie wrong and computed on untenable premises and incorrect data.

The minimum wage therefore requires re-computation and revision. Once the minimum wage gets revised, the fitment formula, the multiplication factor applied for determining the pay levels and the pay matrix itself will have to consequently revised. The Gtr, CPC has taken the emoluments in the private sector to hike the salary of officers by applying different yardstick to compute the pay bands disturbing the vertical relativity while the 7th CPC has further accentuated the gap of differences in wages between officers and employees.

This being unacceptable we urge upon adoption of uniform multiplication factor for determining pay levels. Revise the pay matrix basing upon the revised minimum wage and rounding off the stages to the next hundred. Accept the suggestion made by the Staff Side in its memorandum to 7 CPC for de-layering viz, to abolish the pay levels pertaining to GP , and The pay levels pertaining to GP , and may be abolished and merged with the next higher levels.

At this rate an employee will not be able to double his pay even after 30 years. Promotion from one cadre to another is a rare phenomenon in Government services especially in lower grades. This apart, in most of the Government Departments, promotion is followed by posting to a different location.

Those who are posted to unclassified cities or from Metro cities to towns will financially suffer due to such mandatory transfer on promotion. The financial benefit on promotion must be, therefore, at least two increments i. Fill up all vacant posts by holding special recruitment drive. MACP to be treated as financial up-gradation, without any grading stipulation; to be provided on the basis of the promotional cadre hierarchy of the concerned department; increase the number of MACP to five on completion of 8, 15,21,26 and 30th years of service.

Personnel promoted on the basis of Examination should be treated as fresh entrants to the cadre. Most of the specific functions have also become obsolete on introduction of computerized diarizing and maintenance register. There is no specific need for this cadre in any of the offices. While future recruitment can be stopped, which the government has conveyed to the Commission, what has to be done to the existing cadre is not mentioned.

By upgrading their pay scales and not by downgrading the pay scales of the CSS. The question of Parity, as has been rightly mentioned by 7th CPC, is a settled matter. It is the Department of Personnel which the cadre controlling Department for CSS cadre that unsettles the parity every time. The recommendation to downgrade the CSS is however not acceptable. Wage of Central Government Employees be revised in every 5 years. Treat the GDS as Civil Servant and grant them all pay, allowances and benefits granted to regular employees on Pro -rata basis.

Introduce PLB in all departments. Revise the pension and other retirement benefits as under: a Parity between the past and present pensioners to be brought about on the basis of the 7th CPC recommendations with the modification that basis of computation to be the pay level of the post or grade from which one retired.

Gratuity calculation to be on the basis of 25 days in the month as against 30 days as per the Gratuity Act. Exclude the Central Government employees from the ambit of the National Pension Scheme and extend the defined benefit pension scheme to all those recruited after 1.

In the absence of any recommendation made by 7 CPC, the Government must withdraw the stipulated ceiling on compassionate appointments.

The allowances which arc stated to be subsumed and which are clubbed with others also require consideration. If these allowances arc withdrawn, it might affect adversely the very functioning of the Department itself in certain emergent situation. Of the allowances mentioned in the report for abolition, we have mentioned hereunder those pertaining to civilian employees which require to be retained. In respect of advances the Commission appears to have taken a shylock view of the matter.

Most of the under mentioned advances are required to meet out contingencies which the employees cannot manage to organize. The advances are, therefore, to be retained. I Allowances a Retain the rate of house rent allowance in place of the recommendation of the Commission to reduce it. This allowance must be enhanced to 2.

The assumption that every transaction in Government Departments are through the bank is not correct. There are officials entrusted to collect cash and therefore the cash handling allowance to be retained.

Accountants special allowance.


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