History[ edit ] Liverpool Data Research Associates LDRA was founded in by Professor Michael Hennell to commercialize a software test-bed created to perform quality assessments on the mathematical libraries on which his nuclear physics research at the University of Liverpool depended. It is a commercial implementation of the software test-bed created by Hennell as part of his university research. It was the first commercial product to include support for the Linear Code Sequence and Jump software analysis method, which resulted from the same research. It is used primarily where software is required to be reliable, rugged, and as error-free as possible, such as in safety critical aerospace electronics or avionics.

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These tools are used to automate code analysis for critical applications. LDRA offers tools for integration testing which are used for verification of compliance standard for different organization. LDRA is an open platform and using the LDRA tool suite integration tests can be build and also it provides static analysis, dynamic analysis over different platforms.

The traditional integration testing method like bottom-up approach requires huge efforts to create test data. This tool helps to accelerate the generation of Test Data and Test Design. FitNesse is an open source project and the code base is neither own the company nor by any individual. IBM has acquired Green Hat in Rational Integration Tester prevents integration problems with the help of iterative and agile development processes.

The tool is now a part of Rational Test Workbench. Features: It is an open source automation framework Protractor is intended to use for integration testing Using Protractor you can run instances of your application Protractor is intended to run tests from end user point of view End to end test can be written using Protractor Visit Protractor site: Protractor 9 TESSY TESSY is an invaluable tool which performs unit and integration testing of embedded software. Along with that it also helps to identify the code coverage for an application.

Validata MSG aims to simplify the integration testing phase and reduces efforts. Using Validata MSG end to end scenarios can be developed and tested at different levels. It also used to ensure data content, sending and receiving behavior of the application. Steam is an open source automation framework used to test JavaScript enabled websites.

Using this tool tests can be run in isolation. It suits for websites where JavaScript runs. It has clean and simple syntax so that one can easily write tests. It has a capability to test a single application in multiple test environments with centralized code or data repository. It is compatible with different IDEs and continuous integration servers. Spock enables easily writable and readable tests. It has interesting features like performing both assertion checking and Mocking at the same time.

Pioneer allows you to maintain a readable code base for both programmers. There are various integration testing tools available in the market and the popularity is based on the factors like ease to use, the cost of the license, language support, report format etc.


Top 10 Integration Testing Tools to Write Integration Tests



LDRA Testbed



LDRA tool suite




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