Igraine vive en Tintagel, el castillo de su marido. Todos se lo creen salvo Igraine, que pasa la noche con su amante. Cuando el verdadero Gorlois muere, Uther e Igraine se casan. Ese hombre resulta ser Arturo. Igraine, que se ha hecho cristiana y monja, se da cuenta de que Lanzarote y Ginebra se aman en secreto, pero ya es tarde para cancelar la boda sin desencadenar una guerra. Esa misma noche, despechado Lanzarote casi se acuesta con Morgana, pero son interrumpidos.

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Everyone seems to adore this book; even my librarian told me that this was a really good Arthurian tale! First, let me say how turned off I was by all the bashing and hating there was of Christianity.

However, this amount of blabbering about stupid, mean, cowardly priests did nothing to advance the plot. At all. Keep that in mind, Marion Zimmer Bradley. She just sits at home. Wow, my new hero. Vivianne plotted adultery and incest, acted like she loved everyone, but in reality, did horrible things to them. Also, did anyone else notice how Vivianne always corrected people and told them "All gods and goddesses are one" and then proceeded to ridicule the Christian God and call him and his followers morons?

Ha ha. Bradely was just too stupid to notice the contradiction. Morgaine failed at everything in life. I felt bad for her at being used like that, then for being rejected by Lancelet. What did Morgaine ever do besides sleep with her own brother? Gwenhwyfar was worse than Igraine. On the other hand, it was so obvious that Bradely created her solely to make fun of Christians.

And a lot of people actually agree with this exaggerated, biased, ridiculous nonsense. When I was browsing through 5-star reviews of this book to try and understand why exactly human beings love this trash, someone actually said " I just Oh yes I can. Become a pagan, then, and have a baby with your own brother at a drunken bonfire. Next, make sure you neglect your child and run around effing tons of other men! Back to the characters - the males were all one-dimensional and flat.

They were all extremely handsome and extremely skilled knights and extremely horny. Maybe divert from your view that all men are chauvinist pigs? There also seemed to be a whole lot of describing boring day-to-day activities that, just like all the Christian hate, did nothing to advance the plot.

Like, did the author have bipolar attacks while writing this? The writing itself could have been okay, but because its subject was crap, it was not okay. This book was bad, it really was. After a good pages, I just skimmed another , and then skipped the last part and skimmed the epilogue. I honestly could care less what happens.

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Las Nieblas De Avalón



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