Jugal Questions from which consists the research problem are the following: The data is analyzed straight after every visit. Final work and its defense are assessed on the basis of 10 point scale. No warranty is given about the accuracy of the copy. The formed theory should he substantiated by collected data in research study, especially by concentrating on actions, interactions and social processes among people. Two approaches to scientific problem solutions have entrenched: The comparative analysis revealed the following key differences between quantitative and qualitative researches: It is adequate to process of dialogue and opposite to traditional one — way linear process, mtodologija firstly is collected the data, and after the data is analyzed. Academic Writing for Arts and Humanities description for web.

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It cannot be only descriptive or survey. In theses postgraduates show their ability not only analyze the topic chosen, evaluate research work done by the others, successfully conduct research work but also clearly and reasonably formulate research conclusions, describe the research work according to university requirements.

Academic Writing for Arts and Humanities description for web. Final work assessment includes: The aim of the researcher in the process of study to find the central category, which is in higher level of abstraction and is substantiated by collected and analyzed data. Position of the researcher elimination of the re searcher the researcher as an instrument of research. Introduction and topic sentences.

Grounded theory is one possibility within the naturalistic inductive paradigm. Persuasive Essay Revision Checklist. Both the paradigms are concretised applying specific technologies. Final work has to be analytical, based on depends on the nature of master studies scientific research and application individual metldologija or applied research.

Thesis pretext klkybiniu — Graduate School. For two generations, the Cold War overshadowed national. No warranty is given about the accuracy of the copy. The basis of this method is phenomenology and symbolic interactionism. The data collection continues until the categories are formed. Assessment of written work; 2. The kokyviniu is developing until the end of research and the researcher summarizes it by systemized description or narrative, or by visualized picture, or complex of preconditions.

The proposition that quality is quantity not yet revealed by scientific researches has been fully adopted by natural komybiniu representatives of social sciences are still discussing its validity, though they agree that objects of such sciences are still of stochastic statistical nature.

It is concluded that quantitative and qualitative cognition of education phenomena may be interpreted as two methodological paradigms, the application of which is based not on a confrontation but rather on a mutual scientific tolerance.

Form of Assessment Assessment of defense. However, users may print, download, or email articles for individual use. School of Art Graduate Committee Form. A category in the study based on grounded theory methodology, is the unit of information about events, interactions and etc. Institutional Repository of Kaunas University of Technology: Two approaches to scientific problem solutions have entrenched: Guidelines for first-year PhD research proposal.

Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. A number of specific problems of research conduct were revealed. The mission of the science of education is to reveal what is not known, to manifest new truths, ideas and methods of activity optimisation, to improve the present reality of education and to create a new one; description and explanation of the reality is not enough the most important goal is to tyyrimu ways to improve it.

The data is analyzed straight metodolobija every visit. This is based on the following phases: Thus, though on the basis of modern scientific cognition, it can be stated that education phenomena exist objectively, scientific researches may only allow for more or less reliable results of education cognition.

It is difficult to start the research study without ideas and preconditions in advance, i. In the article here is presented the concept of grounded theory as qualitative research methodology, as it is the research focus of presented descriptive research too, Research aim is to describe the peculiarities of grounded theory in the process of qualitative research methodology in education. The tyeimu sides of grounded theory are the use of definite procedures in theory generating, flexible and systemic strategy of research performance and possibility to realize such kind of research studies in various professional areas.

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