Malazragore And they just ignore her. Penn, on the other hand, had a lot of potential that was just waiting to be tapped into. Nov 11, Nicole rated it liked it. Basically, Kelsey and Isaac meet as new kids on their first day at a public high school hooray for originality! Nov 18, Chu rated it really liked it. Back and forth points of view with hilarious, pitch perfect transitions.

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Stealing bikes. Getting all weird with Josh Noth. Josh Noth is so not a good idea. Josh Noth is a player and very hot. Which makes an extremely bad and dangerous combination. I beat him out of the car, but then as soon as we got in here he took over, walking around like he owns the place.

I guess maybe he does know about tools after all. Which just makes him sexier. I mean, a guy with tools? Like, fixing things? Maybe even shirtless?

Saws, pliers, screwdrivers, huge hammers…. What if you accidentally saw your leg off or something? Hopefully it comes with a safety of some sort. I mean, seriously, she should just be thankful for the sale.

Everyone knows that the retail sector determines when the market is going to bounce back. He slides his arm through mine. And we need to cut down a fence. A chain link fence. Hence the need for a chainsaw. I look up at him, at his profile. He has a nice face. A really nice nose. Aaron had a bad nose, all long and angular. The Home Depot girl gives us a skeptical look. And we need to cut down our fence.

So chop chop to the pocket chain saws! He grins. Is he just doing it in case the Home Depot girl comes back? Or is he doing it because he wants to?

Because, suddenly, I want to. Have my arm linked through his, I mean. It feels right. And perfect. I mean, enough said. You know, an extra bedroom and whatnot. Brynn is even crazier than I thought. It was pretty much awesome. We said we were the Watson-Campbells. I guess really rich people always have hyphenated last names.

I guess when we were goofing around at Home Depot it was like we were kind of on a break from reality. Now, back here, with people from school just a few feet away inside at the party, the rules are all different.

I want to go back to messing around the way we were. She looks up at me with her blue eyes, and I really, really do not want to stop being around her. I need to put some distance between us, asap. Car racing, public intoxication, robbing banks.

God, I really want to kiss her. What the fuck is wrong with me? I never get like this about girls, especially not ones I just met.

When we get to the bike, I pull the pocket chain saw out of the Home Depot bag and hand it to her. Some tool who still rides a bike? She is beautiful. And smart. And then his lips were right there, and I thought he was definitely going to kiss me and so I moved my lips just a tiny tiny bit toward his and then he kissed me and his hands were in my hair and the kiss was amazing. I pull away from Josh Noth and look up to see Aaron Randolph standing there on the grass, looking down at his bike chain and sounding pissed.

I smooth my hair. Brynn had nothing to do with it. He thinks the bike is stupid and ridiculous. Even though I just pulled my hand away from his. Who would have thought that Josh Noth was so sweet? But he hesitates, his fingers poised over his phone. Aaron looks at me in confusion, then glares. Josh picks up the pocket chain saw, then opens his car door and tosses them in the car.

His very, um, hard chest. This is awkward. I was just kissing him. But Aaron is standing there looking cute and I just … ugh. Thanks for everything. What happened to her being cool Mrs. Brewster-Campbell, the girl in Home Depot who was sexy and fun? That girl would never have hooked up with a douche like Aaron Randolph.

I shake my head. There has to be something wrong with me. What are you doing? Like, a hook up arrangement. Can you come out?

For some stupid reason, all I can think about is Brynn DeLeo. She turns her head and starts kissing my neck, and I try to get myself to relax. She smells amazing. According to most guys, this would make her the perfect girl.

The fact that they call her The Ass is just a bonus. And about our kiss. It was a good kiss. Actually, it was a fucking amazing kiss. Much hotter than Brynn. Well, not really. But Brynn. Brynn is sexy. And adorable. Not to mention how she went along with the whole Brewster-Campbell thing. Which was kind of awesome.


Kissing Perfect

I came here for one reason, and one reason only. And that was to steal this stupid bike. And when I say bike, I mean an actual bike. Aaron rides an actual bike. A ten-speed or twelve-speed racing bike that he takes everywhere. Aaron Randolph is very into the environment and being green, which is why he has this ridiculous bike, even though his parents are super rich and offered to buy him a car when he turned sixteen a couple of months ago. Hanging out?


Popular Lauren Barnholdt Books

The main character in the book, Kelsey, just got expelled from Concordia Prep after an incident laureh her ex-boyfriend, Rex. I really feel like I read this at the perfect time. The At The Party series is a little monotonous to me. Harper was pretty push, which I could understand to a point, but I think she was a bit over the top. B probably doe Actual Rating: It was so so so good, people. This story tries too hard, it really does. But I started the notebook when I was twelve, so I figure I have a little bit of wiggle room in the psychiatric disorders department.

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