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In fact, the Korean automaker has been so since since its foundation, when he started as a manufacturer of steel tubing and bicycle parts. Once the first step has been made, the Kia was engaged in the process of development of light vehicles, such as scooters, and quickly switched from motorcycles, which were the basis for the achievement of the required resources and expertise for the construction of vehicles. The whole process of conversion Kia took about two and a half decades.

Large, rich and promoted with the help of its own brand vehicles, the Kia has invested considerable sums of money in his factory to accommodate the new assembly line. By it was completed the construction of a new plant in Sohari, which was the first of its kind in Korea. Fully integrated and equipped with the latest technology, the plant later became the place in which was first produced by the Korean gasoline internal combustion engine.

Brisa passenger model - the first car made by Kia was released one year later. Some of the new Kia models at the time were renamed and sold abroad, such as Pride, which was known abroad, as the Ford Festiva Manuals page. Only a few years later, Ford has expressed interest in Avella, a subcompact cars available in the version 5-door hatchback and 4-door sedan, equipped with either 1.

The Korean manufacturer has not yet reached US shores, but it was already quite close. In , the brand has been registered in the US and timidly started the business through a small dealer network, which began selling its first automobiles in Since then, Kia has expanded rapidly, appearing in every state except North Dakota. The main advantage of Kia cars was their availability, and soon Kia began the seizure of other segments of the market by introducing their first sport-utility vehicle in - Sportage.

Since the fate of Kia was very similar to the fate of Hyundai, the company with which she soon teamed up in connection with the failed management of financial difficulties. Close Korean automaker got rid of the competition by the merger. Both companies have experienced a series of problems and low sales because of the constant complaints about their cars. Several soft style was not what you were looking for buyers in cars, so they had to go through a costly restructuring steps.

The development of new, bold design was also one of the priorities of the Kia, which was seen in the new models such as the Soul, featured in the Montreal Auto Show in , and the Kee, a new coupe with attractive style elements.


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