My favorite moment is the final vanish in which you give a spectator a coin to hold and when he opens his hand above the glass, the coin is gone. Best way to learn this? Have a couple of magic buddies over for a long evening of practice. I recommend this for closeup workers who are willing to journey along the learning curve, over the necessary crest so they can ride on the strength of this routine. Copyright by The Genii Corporation. While most other UK magic shops hide what happens behind the scenes, we want you to know exactly how things work.

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Inferential takes a casual technique to the professional level. Whether you perform in intimate settings or for large groups, this DVD has something for all. Standing Inferential Kainoa provides you with a close-up or stand-up routine that uses the "inferential" concept at the fingertips; letting you recreate some of the best effects in coin magic with the simplest of methods.

My Take: I will be the first to admit that I am not a coin guy. For years, my closest magic buddy was a guy named Mickey Silver, who, in my opinion, does the best retention vanish on the planet equally well with either hand. After watching him working and realizing just how many years it took to get him to that point, my enthusiasm for learning coin magic faltered. The only coin trick I am on a first name basis with is Scotch and Soda. Until now! After hearing rumors of a great coin trick that was essentially self-working, I had to check it out.

You will have to provide a matching half dollar and a coin purse. The coins do show some sign of aging so it does not look like you just got them last night. Kainoa does a great job of teaching the three routines on the DVD. He speaks slowly and clearly and makes sure the angles show everything you need to know. And, yes.

The advertising is correct. You do not have to know coin sleights to perform these routines. If you can close your hand, you can do these tricks. Inferential refers to only inferring to your volunteer which coin is in which hand. They do not actually see the coins going into which of their hands but believe you due to the clues left behind. A little audience management is needed but Kainoa adds a little something extra that will keep your spectator in line.

Very easy routine. Inferential Wild Card - Once again, a routine where you just basically close your hand and the magic happens. You will be able to do it! You will however need a coin purse. Once again, the moves are simple. Man, that looks good! Conclusion: Kainoa has built up a solid reputation as a coin worker and most of his stuff is way beyond my skill level. This is not. It has allowed me to add two or three routines to my repertoire without requiring twenty years of studying Bobo.

If you already are a coin worker, this is well worth the expense to add this to your library.


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