However I do like that it assumes that the reader is already fairly adept with JavaScript. Feb 21, Miguel Frias rated it it was amazing Great book! Dec 20, Max Lybbert rated it really liked it This is a well-written book with good advice. It was published just before frameworks like Bootstrap, React, and Angular became popular. Those frameworks implement much of the advice from this book, but they do so in a way that means the programmer can largely ignore the details. So 1 this book was ahead of its time; and 2 the world has moved on and JavaScript Web Applications is now a little dated.

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And, although I am continually learning new technical tricks and practices, I like to think of myself as a pretty decent JavaScript developer. At least, from a technical standpoint. When it comes to architecture, on the other hand, I feel very much like a novice trying to feel his way around in the mirky fog of complexity. This question has finally been put to rest; while the web development community has seen the birth of many client-side frameworks, I feel like this book is the first aggregation of all of these initiatives.

This book is not for beginners. Although MacCaw has a jQuery primer at the end, the book is written with the assumption that the people reading it are moderately experienced JavaScript developers looking to take their client-side development to the next level.

In school, I was taught to understand JavaScript as a class-based language. As such, I knew that this book was going to be quality when on page 21, MacCaw states: Classes in JavaScript often get a bad rap, criticized as not being part of the "JavaScript way," a term that means essentially nothing. In reality though, classes are just another tool, and are as useful in JavaScript as in any other modern language. Not only is JavaScript Web Applications by Alex MacCaw a great book from both a technical and architectural standpoint, I also found it to be quite inspirational.

As I was reading it, I kept thinking about how cool it was going to be to put these techniques into practice. Enjoyed This? You Might Also Enjoy Reading:.


JavaScript Web Applications By Alex MacCaw

Return to Book Page. JavaScript Web Applications Love this book — I have a background in Flex and all I really care about here is how and why to structure a javascript application and some background into some of the architectural decisions that were made along the way. A Dance with Dragons. This hands-on book takes proficient JavaScript developers through all the steps necessary to create state-of-the-art applications, including structure, templating, frameworks, communicating with the server, and many other issues. Ratings and Reviews 0 0 star ratings 0 reviews. One of my favorites.


JavaScript Web Applications




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