Blish himself was an agnostic and a scientist by training—his entry into the literary field came when he was hired as science editor by the Pfizer pharmaceutical company—but he left us one of the great novels of religion of modern times. Some believers were less than pleased with the end result. A Case of Conscience begins with a familiar sci-fi scenario. A group of four space explorers have settled on a new planet where they encounter an intelligent life form.

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Dick , If: Worlds of Science Fiction, aprile , pag. Quinn, un editore di New York. Il primo numero di If era datato marzo , con Fairman come curatore ; conteneva storie di Richard S. Shaw, un attivo appassionato di fantascienza che aveva venduto qualche racconto.

Il concorso era aperto a studenti del college che in precedenza non avevano mai venduto una storia. Giunsero contributi da scrittori che sarebbero divenuti in seguito famosi, tra i quali Harlan Ellison , Roger Zelazny e Andrew J. Offutt, il cui racconto And Gone Tomorrow, incentrato su di un uomo spedito inaspettatamente mille anni nel futuro, vinse il primo premio e fu pubblicato nel numero di dicembre di If.

Nel tentativo di migliorare la diffusione di If, Quinn assunse lo scrittore Damon Knight , a partire dal numero di ottobre Il terzo e ultimo numero di Knight fu datato febbraio Smith ed E.

Everett Evans per il numero di novembre Il curatore era H. In questo stesso periodo If vinse il premio Hugo per la migliore rivista professionale di fantascienza per tre anni di seguito. Pohl era a Rio de Janeiro quando apprese la notizia, decidendo di dimettersi da curatore piuttosto di proseguire sotto la nuova gestione.

Malgrado il fatto che nel le vendite di If avessero superato quelle di Galaxy per la prima volta, fu la testata di Galaxy a essere mantenuta e If venne incorporata in essa a partire dal numero di gennaio


If (rivista)

This essay first appeared at his blog, Breadtag Sagas. An age it seems where peer reviewed science can be debated as if there could be another side. One can always drag up an extreme scientist or pseudo-scientist, not part of the mainstream, to help. Creationism or anti-evolution and climate science are good examples. The modern synthesis theory of evolution was formulated in the s. It has never been challenged but has been built on by the revolution in molecular biology and computer technology. Most people are probably not abreast of recent developments.


A Case of Conscience

Part 1[ edit ] In , Father Ramon Ruiz-Sanchez of Peru , Clerk Regular of the Society of Jesus , is a member of a four-man team of scientists sent to the planet Lithia to determine if it can be opened to human contact. Ruiz-Sanchez is a biologist and biochemist, and he serves as the team doctor. However, as a Jesuit , he has religious concerns as well. The planet is inhabited by a race of intelligent bipedal reptile -like creatures, the Lithians. Ruiz-Sanchez has learned to speak their language to learn about them. While on a walking survey of the land, Cleaver, a physicist, is poisoned by a plant, despite a protective suit, and he suffers badly. Ruiz-Sanchez treats him and leaves to send a message to the others: Michelis, a chemist, and Agronski, a geologist.


James Blish

The first expedition to Rakhat, the world that is sending the music, is organized by the Society of Jesus Jesuits , known for its missionary , linguistic and scientific activities since the time of its founder, Ignatius of Loyola. In the year , only one of the crew, the Jesuit priest Emilio Sandoz, survives to return to Earth, and he is damaged physically and psychologically. Sandoz grew up in La Perla , a poor neighborhood, and joined the Jesuits as a teenager. After several stints at Jesuit missionaries around the world, he returns to Puerto Rico. Several of his close friends and co-workers, people with a variety of unique skills and talents, have seemingly coincidental connections to Arecibo.

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