I did like the mention of the Dementia world. January 1, Jane Stewart Very good in the continuation of the Trek series. Not required but I recommend reading them in order. The main story is about Jek and Brynda, but several side stories are happening which will be continued in the next books. She has cancer and expects to die within the year. Jek takes her and they visit two planets on their way to his home.

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Pre-release—available May 8, Words: , Language: English. Words: 14, En route to a job assignment, a rainstorm forces Wai to seek shelter in a run-down motel. Soon she will discover that Jack is anything but imaginary: He lived over years ago—and he is demanding that Wai come home to him. Pre-release—available May 4, Words: 31, He foretold to her of a husband.

She would travel over a thousand years back through time to be claimed by a notorious Viking warrior. He would claim her. Brand her. Possess her. She could never leave him But then again, whoever said she wanted to? Words: 34, Cainnech expects to make war against a Viking jarl Words: 23, Words: 26, Pre-release—available May 9, Words: 22, Four hundred years later, the vampire rises again.

Dario vows to kill her at any cost. And to hunt down the human female who turns out to be more than an elusive dream. Pre-release—available May 5, Words: 51, Prepare to scream. Pre-release—available May 10, Words: 97, When a death row inmate escapes a nearby penal colony and captures Dr. Kan, she knows she must flee from him and continue her important work.

But there is more to Kerick Riley, her captor, than meets the eye.


Conquest: No Escape and No Fear

She has been credited with fusing romance and erotica to create a whole new genre. By the time the author was four, her parents had separated, this eliciting her move to Cuyahoga Falls in Ohio. Jaid was mostly raised by her mother, though things changed somewhat when Patricia married Charles Marks. Black was ten years of age by this point, with the family eventually moving to Akron, Ohio.



Tunris Wendy rated it it was amazing Jan 30, Aug 29, Jane Stewart rated it really liked it Shelves: The main story is about Jek and Blavk, but several side stories kaid happening which will be continued in the next books. Engler was officially recognized by Romantic Times Magazine with their first ever Trail Blazer award as the mastermind of erotic romance as you know and love it today. Short and, as usual, bizarre, and not in a titillating way. Engler has been featured in every available news outlet, from the Washington Post and L. Writing as Jaid Black, her books have received numerous distinctions, including a nomination for the Henry Miller award for the best literary sex scene written in the English language.

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