Mazubar Hydromax first closes the individual surfaces Hydromax closes the outside contour and trims remnants Multiple Surfaces, Multiple Openings Per Surface Same as for a single surface, Hydromax deals only with sections that are completely closed, or can be unambiguously closed. The volume of a tank or compartments is calculated by integrating section properties along the length of the tank. The Loadcase and View windows will reflect the damage defined in the current damage case. To delete filname than one point at a time, click and drag over the rows you want deleted.

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They did not have any equipment to do so and did not fix anything or perform any service. Our house is approximately 3 years old and the plumbing was installed by Gabe Mehringer Plumbing.

Our master bath faucet was showing signs of slow flow. I called Mehringer to fix it. They had no tools, equipment or paperwork with them. After showing them the faucet, in about 5 seconds, they knew what the problem was.

The aerator was broken. They said they were going to get a tool. They proceeded to take their time finding this "tool" to get the aerator out, but could not fix it because they did not have an aerator in their truck hmmm They showed me the broken aerator, said they would have to order it, come back and install it, and charge me for each trip.

Then, they told me they were going out to the truck to work on the bill. I waiting for about 5 min inside and wondered where they were with the bill. I went outside and found them lounging in their truck. Upon seeing me, they hopped out of the truck fast and followed me inside. I asked if there was someone I could call.

That they did absolutely nothing and had absolutely nothing in their truck to fix a simple problem. She said that the service manager would call me. I asked if she wanted me to keep the guys at my house or send them on their next "job. They left right after this. I explained my story. He said that they were at my house for 22 minutes and they had to collect something. I explained that even though the gps showed them at my house for 22 min they were literally inside my house for about 7 minutes.

The rest of the time was spent talking or lollygagging or resting in their truck. They performed no service and fixed absolutely nothing! I told him to bill me. It took a total of 2 minutes to do. I was hoping they would come to their senses and not send a bill I mean, I would gladly pay for a service and a fixed sink, but none of that happened. I had no service and nothing was fixed at my house. This was a simple plumbing job and the tools and the equipment should have been in the truck.





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