Visit her Web site www. It was as if he had ten thumbs instead of two. He had tried three times before, but he was unable to secure the striped, silk tie into a Windsor knot. That was more than ten years ago.

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That streak of good fortune runs out the day Brandt crashes his SUV into a tree. During the long recuperation, the fun-loving quarterback becomes cranky and sullen—until private nurse Ciara Dennison shows up for duty.

Ciara has zero interest in sports, or in tall, blond jocks with overblown egos. Somehow Brandt keeps breaking down all her defenses, seeing through her facade to the sexy free spirit underneath. But once his recovery is complete, will he return to the celebrity life he knew—or choose the woman who can fulfill his dreams? Customer Book Reviews What I would have liked to have seen Patrick on Apr 03, I liked Ciara and Brandt, I think their story line was great though I wish there had been a few minor changes.

First, the first 2 chapters of the book should have been the epilogue of the last book. The plot of the story characters, timeline, setting, realistic qualities was great everything was relatively believeable Second, once again Ms. Alers left off where the should have been an epilogue or just flat out a few more chapters, which I hope is not wasted in the next book. Here I Am By Ms. This is fundamently a book about how do you build a relationship.

Here I Am is a wonderful read and a real page turner. The story kept me engaged from the first page. You just had to know the outcome of Brandt Wainwrights injuries that were sustained in an automobile accident. In addition, how is he going to cope with fiesty, take no prisoners nurse Ciara Dennison?

We are definitely talking a mixture of oil and water. However, there is an underlining chemistry between these two. I read it in one sitting. I have already read it twice. Two very strong personalities that compliment each other. The passion, protection, devotion, humor and family is loaded in this Wainwright installment.

I look forward to the next story. I Liked It But By I. Hopefully the next book will give more answers then questions. I checked out here I am from the library and thought it was a pretty good read.

Brandt and Ciara make a good couple;however, I thought the story ended too soon. Not impressed It was boring and I had a hard time finishing the book. However I will not give up on Ms. Alers, she is a fantastic writer with more to come and I cannot wait to read it. Do not buy this book, get it from your local library. Happy reading.

I wanted more though.. I wanted to more knowing how Brandt family acceptable Ciara, where there wedding took place, etc. Wyatt sounds like a true gangsta, and i would have love to have more on his and Jordan plot to get Victor and Poppy.

Overall, i loved the story and how it unfolded. I could understand her reluctance to date a celebrity, however it should not have been an issue throughout the entire book. Brandt deserved better. Just ok By Chiquita L. However this novel was ok but a little over priced compared to what she use to offer. Slow Burn! By Chelsea A. Vines on Apr 18, I have read all of Ms. This book was well-written and the chemistry was palpable! I really appreciate how Ms.

Alers takes her time in developing the characters in all of her books. The writing was great and I am looking forward to the next one! I would like to think that By Got A Good Book? But if you need to just get your read on then this book will do,when you need that fix. I so heartly agree with Ms.

I think the story of the Viking and Ms. Ciara was okay, I had to turn back in the story because of time chronicle with this story,I was not so dissappointed this time around with Ms. I loved the fact that Brandt was not a typically "dumb" jock. I loved the type of nurse Ciara was in that she was not going to allow her patient to give up hope of recovery. I appreciate finding out that Aziza won her case and that Wyatt Wainwright showed his gangsta self.

The protectiveness of their family is just wonderful. Loved it, great read! Rochelle Alers has done it again. This is the 2nd book of the Wainwright Legacy Series. When Brandt is injured in a car accident is world is turned upside down. In steps nurse Ciara. This book has everything from pain to pleasure. Once these two realize that there is something between them, the fight for love is on.

This is a great read!! I read this book three times when I first got it. I bought it in Kindle format and a paperback one.

I would recommend this read to anyone who will listen. Rochelle Alers has given us another 5 star read and I highly recommend it. Add this book to your library, you will enjoy it immensely. The positive reviews have already told you the story line. I want to know when the next one is coming out I order to find out what is going on with Brandt and Ciara now that they have agreed to marry! Brandt found love during his painful recovery from a car accident.

He had to depend on his nurse, Ciara. Ciara did not want to fall in love with Brandt but her heart overruled her brain. This was a great love story and I hope the series will continue. This is probably one of my favorites because as usual, Alers does a good job telling the story of Ciara and Brandt.

Rochelle paints a vivid picture of the characters and you get a good sense of their personalities. You can feel what Brandt is going through with his recovery, and there is a clear sense of professionalism that Ciara struggles to maintain.

Eventually, her attraction to Brandt prevails, andd their nurse-patient relationship moves to another level. Though they are together only weeks, they are around each ther 24 hours a day, so they learn a lot about each other quickly. Also, I dislike how quickly the ex-boyfriend, Victor, becomes a factor, causing problems for the couple.

This issue comes to a head too quickly, and it is resolved too quickly. Unfortunately, there is no strong conclusion for this couple. In the end, I felt cheated, and I felt the author did a rush job with the ending. That is what caused me to give this book a rating of 4 stars. Love is a powerful thing when you embrace it By Mickey B on Dec 08, Two people brought together due to Brandt car accident and Ciaria brought into being his private nurse to get him out of is pity party that his pro career in football maybe over.

I was not disappointed. Brandt was so pitiful after a car accident crippled him and sidelined him from football. But his nurse Ciara was having none of that, and I loved it.

This was a good story, a great continuation of the Wainwright Legacy. Though to be fair, I do hope that the author will not ask the readers to suspend belief enough to buy that all of the Wainwright men are going to fall for African American women Jordan and Brandt will do just fine.

I love it. I love how they fell in love. I love that Ciara is a no nonsense nurse and is no push over. I love that I got the answers about the harassment case Zee had, but I wish there was answers about the press conference and the tabloid scandal.


Here I Am (Wainwright Legacy)






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