Freeman, passing the D limit, jumping outsystem to Jenghe at this time, no estimated time of return. Jump approved; squawk Come back and see us sometime. Freeman, squawking all zeroes; will do, thanks and out. The "independent trader" campaign is one of the most popular among Traveller players.

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Beneath the TL and Population tables, p. S is now p. Title page. Jesse DeGraaf should be spelled DeGraff. Add Paul May to the list of Playtesters. Under The Imperial Credit, the third paragraph should reference 11, worlds, not 1, In the table at the top of the page, the column headings have been reversed. The page reference in the note underneath the Cargo Type Table, should be to pp. In the last sentence of the first paragraph under Heavy Cargoes, change the page reference to p.

The Airspace Zone label and arrows from the Control Zone label to control zones are missing from the Traffic Control Zones illustration. The X in the circle and the pentagon in the circle are Control Zones a downport on the surface and an orbital highport, respectively.

The Airspace Zone is the ring marked "0. In the second sentence of the third paragraph under Customs Inspection, replace " LC 5 " with " LC varies; see sidebar, p. The Survival Kit TL10 weights 50 lbs.

In the second paragraph, change the parenthetical reference to " p. In the last sentence of the third paragraph, change "Corporate Shadowars" to "Corporate Shadowfiles". In the Chronor Subsector, Errer should be "Errere".

Condaria is Hex , not Add Va to the Trade Classes of Bowman. Icetina should be Hex Cogri should be Hex Smoug should be Hex Add Va to the Trade Classes of Glisten. In the Mora Subsector, Maitz is Hex , not Pallique is spelled Palique. Katarula should be spelled Katrulu. Add the following to the end of the paragraph for External Cradle: "External cradle modules count against the turret-mounted weapons limit at a rate of 3 modules per 1 turret. Add to the bottom of each page: "Purchaser may copy this form for personal use only.

Change the pages in the Empress Marava-class Far Trader to


GURPS Traveller: Far Trader

Aralabar Market Fortunes Roll, adds the level of risk taken. What if, Demand were flexible? Lists with This Book. Prepping for my Traveller campaign using the Feng Shui rules engine trade who ever does anything the easy way and had a friend loan me this. The first times I have watched Firefly I knew what I was watching.




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