Teaching Saxophonist and flutist Greg Fishman is an accomplished performer, recording artist, author, teacher and clinician. Born in Chicago in , he began playing professionally at age fourteen. He is among the foremost experts on the music of Stan Getz and is the author of three Getz transcription books published by Hal Leonard. He is the author of the liner notes for the Verve reissue of the Getz recording The Steamer.

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I really like the tunes in that book. They are melodic, sound great, and are idiomatic of good jazz solos. There are 10 duets. Two versions of each. One version is for two like instruments, such as two Tenors, or two Altos. The other version is for Alto and Tenor Alto on the top line, Tenor on the bottom. The tunes sound great. Oh, and they have a rhythm section accompaniment track as well. Did I mention this book contains three CDs. One CD of all the etudes done on Altos. One CD of all the etudes on Tenors.

And one CD of all the etudes Alto and Tenor. And on each CD you have the Duet with both parts played, just the top line, just the bottom line, or just the rhythm section which is on all the tracks. How cool is that? Two little complaints. That was a pain. Second, I kind of wanted another couple of medium tempo tunes.

I think if there were two more tunes in the to range, this book would be a perfect After several weeks of trying to get the i-tunes database to see the difference, I just stopped trying. Regarding the medium tempos, I did have two more tunes planned, but due to the format of including four versions of each duet, I ran out of space on the CDs.

It would have meant including more CDs or cutting some of the faster duets. I ended up simply picking what I thought were the best duets. However, the first thing I did when I got the book was add them to my iTunes library. Makes one wonder if it even makes sense to include audio CDs anymore.

Why not just a data CD that has the tracks ripped in high quality MP3 format?


Greg Fishman

Since then, Greg has come out with multiple educational books for saxophone such as Jazz Saxophone Etudes, Jazz Phrasing for Beginners, Tasting Harmony, and a good number more. Greg designed the book to be much more than just notes on a manuscript paper. Two of them are for tenor saxophone and the other two are for alto saxophone. The first CD is the slower tempo version and the second CD is the faster tempo version. Then on another track, he just has the rhythm section so you can give the licks a try in real-time. Also, Greg has the rhythm section transposing when switching from the alto CD to the tenor CD to accommodate the range of the saxophone so that the lick still sounds hip. Besides just playing through the written licks, you have the ability to try your own licks out and see how they fit over the various progressions played by the recorded rhythm section.


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