Wincing was for suckas and communicated fear. The moment was tense, so tense that you could cut it with a knife. California street codes often trickle into Hip-Hop, but never like this. So public.

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Wincing was for suckas and communicated fear. The moment was tense, so tense that you could cut it with a knife. California street codes often trickle into Hip-Hop, but never like this. So public. So raw. And then, both emcees started smiling and the crowd cracked with a series of nervous, yet grateful giggles.

This Rites of Passage is the backdrop for a musical mentorship between one of the greatest O. Directed by Sergio Maldonado, responsible for the classic videos from the late Nipsey Hussle, he miraculously encapsulated the energy of that moment to pushed forward a brilliantly complicated depiction of a modern-day, Gaspar Yanga.

Who is Gaspar Yanga? In the late s, Prince Yanga was kidnapped from the African kingdom to serve as a slave in what used to be called New Spain and now called The Gulf of Mexico. His name was changed to Gaspar which means treasure because he was considered a prized-enslavement because he was of royal blood. But the joke was on the Spaniards. In , he was the first liberator of the Americas of any color after leading a slave revolt.

The group of maroons grew to about in 30 years. He intelligently strategizes ways to fight for his people against oppression— laying down traps for this who had hope to recapture them and put them back into the yoke of slavery.

But that was never the case and by , had been such a revolutionary nuisance that the Spanish governor under pressure from plantation owners gave him and his people their freedom. They received land and created the town of San Lorenzo de Los Negros, the was first free African settlement in the Americas. By , the town was renamed Yanga, after its founder and the man called the Nat Turner of Mexico. So what does that have to do with this video?

D Smoke and Sergio set up a narrative that depicts the Inglewood native as a Yanga of his community, not allowing drug dealers who serve as proxies to those who have a desire to enslave his people to invade and take over. Now that you have context, check out the video. Damn, we love smart Hip-Hop.

And we look to the West to return rap music to a thinkers sport.

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Gaspar Yanga

Los barcos eran divididos en proporciones de un tercio de mujeres y dos tercios de hombres; los sobrantes en especial las mujeres, por desgracia eran eliminados o vendidos a otros comerciantes para uso propio. Muchos historiadores coinciden en que el territorio ocupado por estos apalencados, es decir, asentados en palenques, eran los alrededores del Cofre de Perote , la Sierra de Zongolica y la zona de Omealca , en el actual estado de Veracruz. De esa forma, en las autoridades decidieron crear el pueblo de negros libres de San Lorenzo, con los cual los "infieles" enemigos internos se transformaron en sus vasallos cristianos. Es decir, no fue sencillo para aquellos negros disfrutar de la libertad por la que lucharon. Finalmente, para San Lorenzo era un pueblo habitado por unas setenta familias de negros libres, pese a sus condiciones de vida bastante limitada. Dicha labor "libertadora" ha propiciado que algunos grupos hayan identificado a Yanga como uno de los mayores representantes de la negritud. Tal fue el caso de Yanga.


Gaspar Yanga (feat. Snoop Dogg)

Early life[ edit ] Yanga, aka Nyanga, was said to be of the Bran people [2] and a member of the royal family of Gabon. Before the end of the slave trade, New Spain had the fifth-highest slave population estimated , of the Americas after Brazil over 4. Because the people survived in part by raiding caravans taking goods along the Camino Real Royal Road between Veracruz and Mexico City, in the Spanish colonial government decided to undertake a campaign to regain control of this territory. The maroons were an irregular force of fighters having some type of firearm, and more armed with stones, machetes, bows and arrows, and the like. These maroon troops were led by Francisco de la Matosa , an Angolan. Upon the approach of the Spanish troops, Yanga sent terms of peace via a captured Spaniard. In addition, Yanga said this proposed district would return any slaves who might flee to it.

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