That score up there is completely arbitrary. I asked a buddy of mine to give me a number between 1 and 10 and he said 8 so there you go. How can you apply a score to something like this? But that 4 is just as well; something about this monster leaves me hopelessly captivated.

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November 21, Illustration Sharon Gong. Maybe I was just depressed too, but watching Farrah and her fellow stars I found strength in their strength. Recently, he and I actually spoke about her music. Cuevas is partially responsible. A mixing engineer by trade, a lot of his work is recording voice overs of big Hollywood stars like The Rock. He has the distinction of producing the entirety of My Teenage Dream Ended, his first-ever full music project, but has since gone on to touch projects for Justin Bieber and One Direction.

Reality TV stars are always trying to start music careers, and their motivations seem easy enough to guess. But what about the people, like Cuevas, who actually make these songs? And I have to admit I was curious: how much did he get paid? We just got to know each other just via the sessions at the post-production facility. There was never any musical talk, and I had no idea she wanted to do that as an endeavor until four or five months into it. I was really skittish about my name being attached to it.

She was on MTV, so I thought it would get a great push. I was thinking, This is gonna be a nice little payday. I thought this could be a springboard for my career. Illustration Sharon Gong.

At that point, I had still never heard any lyrics, but I jumped in blindly and sent her over a couple tracks that weekend. It was a little notebook, and on the first recording day she showed it to me. She was just hesitant to sing to it. But as an engineer, we problem-solve.

At the end of the day, I knew that whatever we recorded had to go back onto the production. She actually recorded everything without ever hearing the music. Literally, after the session I just started placing it back. Having that click track let me know I could pull it up more or push it back a little bit onto the beat. Cuevas The Auto-Tune was something I was really specializing in.

She wanted something that sounded kind of edgy, so we went with a more aggressive effect. T-Pain knows how to sing, and I mean that in no disrespect to her, but if he wants that C he goes right for that C. In this case, it was really a gamble. At least nothing is out of tune — not necessarily a note you may find pleasurable, but not out of tune.

Maybe three or four songs in, she got more comfortable showing me the lyrics. She was also leaning to me for guidance and to let her know where to go with things. One of the tracks where I really tried to help was about her boyfriend that passed away at It was very much, I just produced it whenever I could, and I sent it to her for a yay or a nay. They really honed into the avant-garde part of it. Eventually, a bunch of people started hitting me up.

That was really cool. I still work at the recording studio. We do everything from post-production work to recording singers, rappers, etc. Not only do I engineer and produce, but I also publish records.

I love to do stuff like that.


My Teenage Dream Ended

Start your review of My Teenage Dream Ended Write a review Aug 13, Tarra Cunningham rated it did not like it warning- longest review in the world. Everyone knows my love of all things Teen Mom, and I was all over that shit Immediately I was in love. The book My Teenage Dream Ended is a fucking trainwreck from the start.


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