Shakajinn Paperbackpages. A few years later I read When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit and it became instantly one of the iconic books which defines my childhood, read over and over and over again. This book takes place few years after the first book has ended, effectively moves the main character, Anna, from one age bracket into the next. Nov 24, L. If Hitler invades, can she and her beloved refugee family possib It is hard enough being a teenager in London during the Blitz, finding yourself in love and wondering every night whether you will survive the bombs. Meanwhile her parents live in genteel inglaterta struggling to cope in a world where their language, skills and former status are of no use.

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Shelves: fiction , reviewed , groups-buddies , young-adult , historical-fiction , novel , 1-also-at-librarything , readbooks-female-author-or-illust , z , zz-4star This is the second book in an autobiographical novels trilogy that started with When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit.

I was so worried that I would not like this book the way I did the first but I really enjoyed it. Im still worried about the third book but want to read it. It was lovely getting acquainted again with Anna, her brother Max, her mother and her father, and many new interesting characters. I read this book as a buddy read with Hilary and Gundula. Its a great buddy read book. Hilary and I particularly enjoyed and benefited reading chapters at close to the same times and discussing things every two chapters.

This author writes so well, and is a great storyteller, and skilled at getting into and describing characters, and also places and experiences and situations. I felt as though I was really there as I read. It was so infuriating the way Max and Anna were treated because they were born in Germany and not England, especially given that they were Jewish, left in , and their father being an anti-Nazi writer. I know this prejudice was a common problem though.

This book made me want to learn more and many times I looked up the Blitz and streets and landmarks and buildings and sites when they were mentioned. I will say there is one character I disliked intensely, even though there ended up being one sort of redeeming thing about them. The book was fine sans pictures but I think would have been even better with them included throughout this second book.

So much was touching. For some reason the couple times I was near tears at times, its seemed to usually be around scenes with Papa, with Anna and Papa. I feel the reader gets an accurate sense, as in the first book, of what it would feel like to be a refugee, and in now the family is in their fourth country Germany to Switzerland, to France, and now in England and also how much easier it is for young vs.

I also got a good sense of how it would feel to have privations of food and to live in near poverty and have those worries, to fear the bombings, and just to live with the uncertainty that is war. Despite all these characters go through I often thought of those who did not escape Nazi occupied Europe in time, and could sort of understand how these characters seemed to accept their hardships.

They too knew the alternative. I loved the story, the characters and found this to be a fine sequel. This book has two titles. The other is Bombs on Aunt Dainty. It was interesting to get to the part in the book that made clear why the other title exists, but I think The Other Way Round title is most fitting for this second book.

I read a edition from Open Library. Thank goodness for that site. It often has books that seem impossible to get otherwise, at least not for free.


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