He is best known for aphrodidia work on the Druuna erotic science fiction series. Mario rated it liked it Nov 25, Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Carlos Rosi rated it really liked it Aug 13, Thomas Charitakis rated it liked it Feb 28, Austin Bunton rated it it was amazing Nov 15, Thanks for telling us aphrocisia the problem. Other books in the series.

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In the first volumes in the series, the action unfolds in a place called The City, a futuristic but degraded urban environment. Humans live in a cramped, hostile, and decadent society, controlled by a religious oligarchy based on the knowledge of "Truth.

Although never clearly stated, this current era, known as the "Age of Man", is presumed to be the aftermath of a war.

As told by the priests, an incurable, infectious disease called Evil has spread among the population that transforms people in a progressive and rapid fashion into amorphous, tentacled mutants. Similarly, those infected with "Evil" are sent to the lower levels. Druuna and her lover Shastar exist in this environment. After a series of adventures, Druuna discovers that the City is actually a giant spaceship which left Earth after an unspecified cataclysm and has drifted through space for centuries.

The Priests are actually androids operated by Delta. Delta transformed Lewis into an immortal being, using organic parts from the healthy people who had been admitted to the upper levels of the City. Now, Lewis, tired of immortality, wants to die, which would eliminate Delta and destroy the City. Druuna is recruited by Lewis to help him destroy Delta. At the end Lewis reveals his true plan to destroy the City, but also confesses he fell in love with her and changes his mind about destruction.

In turn, Lewis puts Druuna in a state similar to hibernation for centuries, waiting for an opportunity to improve conditions on the City. The story then introduces a man named Will, who commands another ship, similar to the City, which has become, thanks to the evolution of Evil, a super-organism. It is revealed that apart from the City, humanity is not entirely extinguished, but that other groups of humans survived, using genetic engineering to improve their abilities.

Discovering that they actually have no means to develop a cure for the disease, they decide to destroy the ship and crew as well as the computer that houses the merged minds of Shastar and Lewis. Druuna, Will, and a few others escape in a rescue capsule, where they are all put into a state of suspended animation. After the capsule crashes on an unknown planet, [3] Druuna awakens alone.

She is soon caught in a war between two alien species, one of which is composed of parasitic beings who need organic specimens as hosts, and the other of intelligent robots pursuing the objective of creating organic life. Apparently, the planet is Earth thousands of years after a war between men and machines resulted in the extinction of the former.

The machines want to recreate their creators to try to understand humanity. Will briefly reappears and is kidnapped. Shastar also reappears, now working with the machines in their aim to recover the human species. Toward that aim, they decide to clone Druuna.

Volume 3, Creatura, in fact, features near-totally explicit sexual penetration , and the three subsequent books feature totally uncensored penetration.

In vol. The series returned to a non-explicit depiction of penetration in such scenes with vol.


Druuna – Integraal 3 – Mandragora – Aphrodisia

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Druuna - Integraal 3 - Mandragora - Aphrodisia





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