The Elder Gods The Dreamers 1 Author: David Eddings Preface The Land of Dhrall, if we are to believe the sometimes fanciful legends of the region, has existed in its present location since the beginning of time. Father Earth is unstable, and other continents move hither and yon across the face of Mother Sea, wandering, ever wandering, in search of new places in which to abide, but the Land of Dhrall, we are told, was firmly anchored to its present location by the will of the gods of Dhrall, and it shall remain ever so until the end of the world. Now, from whence this world came—and why—is far beyond human comprehension, but the legends of Dhrall maintain that it is the work of ancient gods, and the making of it was a task so enormous that the gods, immortal and omnipotent though they be, ofttimes wearied of their labor. Now, there were younger gods abroad in the land at this time, and great was their pity for their exhausted elders, and they urged their kin to rest while they themselves took up the burden of creation. And grateful beyond measure were the old ones, for they had labored well-nigh unto death. And so they slept while creation continued uninterrupted in the hands of the younger gods.

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Having been forewarned by our store owners and the manager that he would probably stop by and that he was a reserved man during his visits I curbed my excitement, helped him, and quietly told him that I had not read any of his fiction or joint works, but that I was a huge fan of his fantasy writing that I had read.

At that point he thanked me and told me that he had several thousand words of a new fantasy work completed. After he left I went bouncing to the back office of our store where the store manager just shook her head and laughed at my enthusiasm.

I never mentioned the new work to Mr. Eddings again, but when this book came out he remembered and he offered to personalize a signed copy. So I guess you can say that I was a fan who then grew a soft spot for one of my favorite authors.

As for this book specifically Longbow dedicating his life to eradicating the object of his anger is somewhat trite, but it develops him for a larger purpose.

He is that crusty character that you root for other, more easily likable, characters to succeed in cracking. Rabbit has many talents, but lives life dialing it back until his skills are leveraged for the cause. I finally decided to start this series I know he got to introduced a new universe, but my main complaint is that he repeats the same element too many 20 years ago, David Eddings was one of my favorite author with the Belgariad series, I still have all the books. Two characters planned something and you follow the reasoning great but after that one goes to his boss and explain the same reasoning and idem for the other so you read three time the same thing not great.

Eddings killed surprise: when characters suddenly taking interest in something, you know it will happen right there. The Elders Gods could be a good idea..


David Eddings

Beschreibung bei Amazon David Eddings was an American born author best known for his epic fantasy novels. Eddings was born in city of Spokane, state of Washington, on the 7th of July, in Eddings later enrolled at Reed College in Portland, where he received in a Bachelor of Arts degree. Before he continued his education path, had a break and served in the United States Army for two years, from till


The Elder Gods

The Elder Gods are each given an infant told to be a Dreamer and are supposed to save the world and defeat the Vlagh. Zelana takes to the East of Dhrall to the land of Maag where she forces a storm to bring the ship and crew of Sorgan Hook-Beak to her domain. Hook-Beak is shown that she will pay a large quantity of gold to hire an army from Maag and fight a war. He takes the native archers Longbow and Red-Beard as well as Zelana with her child Eleria to Maag in search of more crews.


Rain became a consequent feature in many of his novels. After graduating from Snohomish High School in , he worked for a year before majoring in speech, drama and English at junior college. He graduated with a BA from Reed College in He wrote a novel for a thesis at Reed College before being drafted into the U. He soon began work on his first published novel, High Hunt, the story of four young men hunting deer. Like many of his later novels, it explores themes of manhood and coming of age. Convinced that being an author was his future career, Eddings moved to Spokane where he once again relied on a job at a grocery shop for his funds.

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