Mobar Family Guy composer Walter Murphy shares his process. You can even use the effects without a computer connected. Traveler-mk3 — Portable bus-powered audio interface with effects and mixing. Two stereo panning modes are available: Tweak your mix on location from the front panel.

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Refining your mix has never been this fluid and intuitive. Modeled analog EQ Smooth and musical, not harsh and sterile British analog mixing consoles are renowned for their musical EQ profiles.

The x meticulously models these classic EQ curves to give you the very same, magical EQ settings found on these coveted desks. Seven separate filters are available on every input and output, including low-shelf and high-shelf, with intuitive graphic control of each EQ parameter. Classic compression No studio is complete without a compressor The x provides a classic compressor on each input and output, so you can apply compression liberally with the flexibility to decide if and when you want to "commit" to your mix.

Talkback allows an engineer in the control room to temporarily dim all audio and talk to musicians in the live room. Conversely, Listenback allows musicians to talk to the control room. For Talkback, you can set up a dedicated mic in your control room and connect it to a mic input on your interface. For Listenback, you can use one of the recording mics in the live room or you can set up a dedicated listenback mic for the musicians and connect it to a spare mic input.

Routing back to the host Send a complete mix back to your host software using dedicated return channels When mixing live inputs with computer tracks, sometimes you want to capture the result.

Say goodbye to jerry-rigged patching of cables from inputs to outputs… Stereo operation Configure inputs as stereo pairs Two channels can be grouped to a single fader for true stereo operation. Two stereo panning modes are available: balance and width. Balance mode works much like a normal stereo balance control, one channel fades in and the other fades out. Width mode collapses the stereo image to mono by adjusting the relative pans of each channel gradually to center.

Front-panel LCD control Complete mixing at your fingertips CueMix FX allows you to apply no-latency effects processing to inputs, outputs or busses directly in the x hardware, independent of the computer.

Effects can be applied when the x is operating stand-alone without a computer as a complete rack-mounted mixer. All of the mixer settings in the x are accessible from the programmable front-panel backlit LCD, for quick tweaks when a computer is not connected. In addition to the meters present on individual channels, a high-resolution meter and output bus activity associated with that channel can be displayed in the primary status window. Thunderbolt and the Thunderbolt logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.

All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.



CueMix FX is a completely new software front-end with attractive graphic mixing, graphic editing of parametric EQ and a convenient tabbed interface for quick access to all mixing features, digitally controlled trims and other settings in your MOTU FireWire audio interface. CueMix FX can be operated side by side with any host audio software for Mac or Windows, and it can be controlled from the Mackie Control Universal Pro automated worksurface. One window with convenient tabs Three separate tabs show inputs, mix busses and outputs. Click the "Focus" button on any channel or bus to edit its settings in the area on the right-hand side, which provides separate tabs for graphic editing of parametric EQ, compression and other effects. Each channel strip displays a graphic thumbnail of EQ curves, compressor settings and other channel specific parameters.


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