White scales gleamed in the low light, throwing starbursts of iridescent color across stalagmites and uneven stone walls. His focus was absolute. Only one thing mattered. He was going to kill the male. Open him up like a can of sardines. All while making him sing like a canary.

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The battle between the Dragonfuries and the Razorbacks is escalating.. I loved Ryker in Fury of Fire, he was a solid second in command and an even better friend. His loyalty to Bastian was remarkable and he made the hard choices even when it broke his heart.

Not sure what is going on he wipes her memory and moves on with life.. Ryker almost looses it. His pain was palatable. Detective Angela Keen, the only cop who can put up with Mac. She is tough when she needs to be and even when captured she put the needs of the other captive first. Helping Myst escape but getting caught herself. In Fury of Ice, we find Angela in captivity and looking for a way out. It was brilliant, this is no swooning miss. This chick is tough!

A trained cop and a good one. No one needs to "take care" of her she can care for herself.. This story was absolutely brilliant!

There is so much going on, an intricate dance of stories. And yet it never gets confusing or losses your interest. And they carry the battle story. The importance of a good second and the power they yield in the name of the team. Another really excellent point, you kinda feel for Lothaire.. He really just wants to belong.. We do get a hint about the Archguard and that maybe my theory about them sitting on the fence to see who wins might be more accurate than I thought.

Or rather there may be corruption on the Archguard.. Another little plot twist, we really get to spend time with Forge.. His entire agenda it appears is to get his son back and yet Then of course there is Mac.. Mac has some serious secrets of his own! Like I said, lots going on. I have to laugh because there are two members of the pack off to Europe at the Archguard games.. Can you imagine their faces when they get back?

Two bonded pairs.. This series is just getting better and better..


Fury of Ice



Dragonfury Series


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