Sin embargo, la obra fue cancelada luego que el manuscrito y las copias fueron confiscadas por la OGPU. Yaciendo en el umbral de una puerta, el perro espera resignadamente su final. Para su sorpresa, aparece el exitoso cirujano Filip Filipovich Preobrazhenski y le ofrece un trozo de salchicha. Con su nuevo collar Sharik hace caso omiso de las provocaciones de otro perro callejero que pasa. Luego que su salud mejora, el Profesor finalmente revela sus verdaderas intenciones al traer a Sharik a su apartamento.

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And about the rottenest heart in all creation! Despite its short size, this book has endless layers. On the surface, it is a hilariously sad story about a science experiment gone very wrong in the direction that its creator did not quite anticipate, and all the funny antics of the newly created sorta-human Sharikov. Yes, that includes obsessive and funny cat-chasing even when the dog becomes "human". On the other level, it is a cautionary warning about what happens when power falls in the hands of those who should not be allowed to yield it, and the dangers and pitfalls of the system that allows that to happen.

Yes, that includes an easy step from killing cats to pointing guns at real people, and demanding sex in exchange for keeping a job, and of course the ultimate evil that was to penetrate the fabric of the years to come - writing denunciations for little else than petty personal gains.

Well I realized it ten days after the operation. My only comfort is that Shvonder is the biggest fool of all. At times sidesplittingly funny with some sad overtones, it quickly crosses the territory into the mostly sad and even scary, especially given the context of the events still to come to this world of Soviet Union in the mids.

For the characters of this book, these events are just a few years away. Back then it was sad and funny, and held a note of warning, and shed the uncomfortable light on the parts of the pre-Stalinist pre-Purges society that were already beginning to feel uncomfortable. However, it ended on a quasi-happy note, the futility of which had only become fully visible years later.

He stopped and stared at the glass-fronted cabinet. After all, neither of them has made their unpopular views very secret. His grumpy views of a cultured and educated person who is baffled and annoyed with the "new" society of coarseness and rudeness and inefficiency and "class struggle" and the undeserved in his opinion entitleness of those who perceive themselves as the oppressed working class and whom Professor in turn perceives as lazy and irresponsible people.

And among the rambles of the old and annoyed man there may or may not be a grain of truth. Is it an old woman with a stick?

A witch who smashed all the windows and put out all the lights? What do you mean by that word? But there is much more to this book than just the condemnation of the system. Had it been only that, it would have become quite dated quite soon. It is about the importance of morals and values, the etiquette and politeness and respect that make us really human, and moreso, civilized humans.

This happened when he was a man. This respect for what Bulgakov sees as the essentials of being human are precisely what puts him in the conflict with his contemporary Soviet state that believed in intimidation and terror as the viable way of governing and existing - the principles that newly formed humanoid Sharikov is very eager to learn and internalize.

And neither Bulgakov nor Professor Preobrazhensky or Bormental are having that. The only possible method when dealing with a living creature. That I have maintained, do maintain and always will maintain. People who think you can use terror are quite wrong. No, no, terror is useless, whatever its colour — white, red or even brown!

Terror completely paralyses the nervous system. Remember that, once and for all. Neither man nor animal can be influenced by anything but suggestion. So I will wrap up with the highest possible recommendation for any fans of Bulgakov or, really, any fans of well-written literature.


Corazón de perro



Mijaíl Bulgákov



Corazon de perro- Mijail Bulgakov


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