The working theory was that he simply liked knowing that it was widely desired by others, that this pleased him more than the view itself. That was what Cayo Vila loved above all else, after all: owning things others coveted. It gave Drusilla Bennett tremendous satisfaction that she would no longer be one of them. He made a low, scoffing sound.

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At the age of twelve, Caitlin discovered her first romance book in a bargain bin at a five and dime. The novel involved grand adventures, swashbuckling, a heroine with a mind of her own and rustling skirts and a handsome and domineering hero. It also began her never-ending the affair with romance books. Even though Caitlin was born and raised near New York City, she came to fall in love with London after her first visit as a teenager.

The author has lived in England, York, and Atlanta. She has also visited other countries such as Botswana, Zimbabwe, and villages in Namibia. The author currently lives in Oregon with her husband and their collection of ridiculous pets. Lily is the girl she could not have but had her in different ways before the car crash. He feels that he sees her everywhere he goes. Rafael feels guilty for the state of their relationship with her before the crash.

Though Rafael had an affair with Lily, he still dated other women and even brought them home leaving Lily devastated. Despite all this, she continues to be in the wrong relationship with Rafael. One day she decides to accept the bitter truth and runs away making everyone believe that she passed on. Rafael has spent five years chasing after people who appear to resemble Lily.

Rafael ignores the meeting, and he decides to follow the ghost and not let it escape him. He promises himself that this will be his last ghost to chase. The feeling that one feels when they think that the dead are back, a situation that makes is one unable to help. Fortunately, Rafael manages to catch up with the woman, and he realizes that it is Lily. However Lily pretends to someone else, and Rafael is surprised and assumes maybe she has amnesia.

Lily babbles and gives enough information which later helps Rafael track her then after they part. She later threatens Rafael to leave before she calls the police. Rafael decides to see her, and he meets yet another surprise that Lily has a son and he is the father.

Lily did not fake her death, but she let her family friends and Rafael think she is dead after her car fall on a cliff and burnt to ashes. Lily was not able to live as before since everyone felt that she was killed and decides to hide with her son for five years because of self- hatred.

She felt that her relationship with Rafael was so close that she could not find an excellent way to bring it to an end. Lily sees herself weak and damaged, she loved Rafael but also hated him because of his betrayal, and this made her hate herself more since she kept giving him another chance. She still holds on that she is not Lily and Rafael does not understand why she is hiding her true identity. Caitlin Crew uses humor in his story to make it more exciting and thrilling to read. He is ready to correct every mistake he has done to Lily in the past but becomes furious after he discovers a secret his lover has been hiding from him.

You will find yourself caught up in mixed emotions as you read through the pages of the Unwrapping the Castelli. The author incorporates the flashbacks so skillfully bringing everything together, and this will lead to you to understand the reason behind Rafael treating Lily that way in those days.

The story begins as the heroine Becca is summoned to go to her high-class relatives who ignored her and outcasted her mother. She arrives at their home, and after some conversations with her uncle and aunt, she meets Theo, the hero whom she gets attracted to after the first sight. The business shares were to be owned by Theo after they get married.

The family needs the will, and they request Becca who resembles her cousin, to pretend to be the heiress for her to get the intention from the lover. Becca is not happy of the whole plan and she at first declines the request but later gives in after the relatives accept to give her the inheritance which should have been given to her mother.

It takes Becca several weeks to learn how to act like her cousin and finds it difficult to hide her strong desire for Theo. But when they begin a fling, she sees herself as a replacement for her cousin in the eyes of Theo. The story is set up in the high class in Manhattan, and the attitudes of the superior relatives are well portrayed. Becca is a fascinating character as the heroine and made the book more charming to read. We recently conducted a poll among visitors and the Memory Man series was voted the 8th most favourite series by all readers.

If you ARE an avid reader of it then great news — a new book is coming out very soon!!! Pre-order now. Please Note The links beside each book title will take you to Amazon, who I feel are the best online retailer for books where you can read more about the book, or purchase it. Please note that as an Amazon Associate, I earn money from qualifying purchases. Recommendations Every 2 weeks we send out an e-mail with Book Recommendations.

Insert your e-mail below to start getting these recommendations. If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below. Then you need to read the Coffeehouse Mysteries. This series by Cleo Coyle has been going strong since and is still publishing highly rated books every year. An excellent series to get you through the cold months. More details. However there is a lot more to Blake than just that series.

He has written some of the best sci-fi books there is such as Dark Matter and Recursion. More Details. Did You Know… Arthur Conan Doyle pursued a medical degree at the University of Edinburgh instead of going into the arts much to the surprise of his family. At med school, Doyle met his mentor, Professor Dr. Joseph Bell, whose keen powers of observation would later inspire Doyle to create his famed fictional detective character, Sherlock Holmes. Talented class!


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Gardarr Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I am gradually becoming a great fan of Caitlin as she knows how to charm the Romantics at heart. A Devil in Disguise: It is the main reason I give this book a rating of 4 stars as I liked this novel much more than the 2nd one. Dec 01, Harlequin Books added it Shelves: Tons of angst, a tormented hero, a heroine with an awesome personality. And he does have reasons to be the way he disgujse.


A DEVIL IN DISGUISE: Harlequin comics


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