Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок Язык: Английский Описание: Brainetics - веселая и холодный способ давления наддува для вашего ребенка. Можно даже сделать вместе со всей семьей на один раз - это отличный способ провести время вместе! Обучение и инструменты, предоставляемые Brainetics помочь вашему виду работать более эффективно в профессиональной подготовке, чтобы получить лучше на обработку информации и необходимости запоминать информацию одновременно -даже несмотря на то, что эти два совершенно независимых профессиональных навыков. С помощью инструментов, предоставляемых Brainetics настоящее, может начать работать более эффективно и более мощные - дети огромное преимущество на протяжении всего их академической жизни людей и не только! It can even be done together with the whole family at once - making it a great way to spend time together! The training and tools provided by Brainetics help your mind work more efficiently by training it to get better at processing information while also memorizing the information simultaneously -even though these are two completely independent skills.

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Thus, you may want to consider whether this is suitable for your kid or not. If you are home-schooling your child, this is even more important to keep in mind. Your kid will not become a genius overnight, or go to college at 12 years old. The underlying concept by Mike Byster is to encourage brain stimulation and make math learning fun. This program is designed for parents to get involved and connect with the child.

Bottom line, it really comes down to your best judgement. The playbook is comprised of practices to help student fully grasp each lesson. DVD 1 — Identifying number patterns and how to be focused. DVD 2 — Using cool games and tricks to suppress math-related stresses. DVD 3 — Solving complex computation in their head using math shortcuts. DVD 4 — Multi-tasking techniques using mind power to figure out any math question.

DVD 5 — Enhance memory identification, mental and brain power. How Does It Work? These skills are actually very vital to the development of a child; however, they are often neglected at school. Brainetics trains the mind to function two different parts at the same time. One part focuses on memorization of data while the other processes and sorts all that input.

This method will help unlock the potential of the brain, which results in a much higher level of efficiency. This gives the student a competitive edge during their academic years and beyond. Brainetics is designed for students to have fun. On the Brainetics website, they claim that the program is suitable for ages 9 — And I totally agree with this statement. Why, you ask? Keeping your mind sharp and your memory active is important to a healthy and youthful life. Brainetics helps you achieve just that.

Image: You may get grandpa to learn Brainetics too : by freedigitalphotos. It will not appeal to everybody. My two sons always wanted to re-watch the DVD with me time and time again. It has been a lot of fun not only for our kids, but the whole family. Are Math Shortcuts Useful? I agree that knowing the whole process is still necessary, and the longhand way is still going to be mandatory in school.

And my children told me the same thing. Also, knowing the shortcuts will give kids the ability to double-check their longhand work which will save time on exams.

It just gives them an advantage to check their work versus just following what they think is right and hoping for the best. Is There Any Brainetics Scam?

So is there such a thing? Fortunately, the answer is NO. There are two reasons why the keyword Brainetics Scam shows up: 1. Mike Byster has been invited to many different schools to teach students the Brainetics method. These two products teach the same core concept as Brainetics at a much cheaper price.


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