Kazrazil After being cancelled from its fourth channel, BQC returned, but this time on YouTube, where it encourages the audience to play along using its app, or an application built into the YouTube video. All the participants who reach the national finals after making it to top 16 of City Winners are given an iPad each along with a gift hamper from Cadbury. As of 16 September 10 episodes have been released on the app. However, after being pulled off air, they tried pandering to a younger audience with Pogo in the later s, which was a critical failure, and went off air within one season. The children who take part must be able to present themselves clearly in Hindi or English.

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It was first held in It is a contest sponsored by Cadbury India. Initially it was a quiz contest which was held in the cities across the length and breadth ofIndia. But later it became a radio and then a television show. The mastermind behind this show is Derek O Brien who conducts this quiz show with great aplomb. Bournvita Quiz Contest is a respected name amongst the quizzing fraternity of India.

This quiz contest is at present one of the longest running shows in Indian television and is immensely popular among the school kids of India as well as quiz enthusiasts of all ages. The fact this quiz contest reaches out to a million students to 4, schools in India is a testimony to the iconic statue enjoyed by this quiz contest.

It is a platform for children with a proven talent and a flair for quizzing. They should also be able to clearly express themselves clearly in Hindi or English. If any child fulfills this criterion, he or she can try his or her luck in this quiz extravaganza.

It enjoyed unprecedented success. This site delineates how this contest grew from strength to strength. The list of celebrities to have graced this popular show is pretty long and they include such famous names as I.

Sify This site provides you the magic key to enjoy the intellectual stimuli of Bournvita Quiz Contest in the comfort your home. This comes in an affordable price so that children from all walks of life can enjoy the thrill of participating in Bournvita Quiz Contest. This CD also contains clips and video clues apart form generic questions which makes this game a fun-filled one. This site is all about quizzing in India and it highlights the Bournvita Quiz Contest as one of the greatest landmarks in Indian quizzing scene.

This site not only traces the origin of this popular quiz contest but also delineates it evolution through the years. In in a lazy Sunday afternoon million of people heard the Cadbury Bournvita Quiz Contest for the first time and today this contest has become major phenomenon in the Indian quizzing arena. Indian Television This site evaluates the tremendous popularity enjoyed by the Bournvita Quiz Contest which has kept millions of Indians glued to their TV sets. There is no Quiz show in India which can boast of such a glorious track record.

From the year in which this quiz contest was turned into a television show it has enjoyed unprecedented public support and has turned itself into a major television event.

The Hindu Business Line Bournvita Quiz Contest is arguably the longest running quiz contest in India which is still continuing from the year There is something about this skillfully conducted contest which fires up the Indian minds. It enjoys an iconic status in India and its new season in Sony Television Channel is proving to equally popular. In order to bring a taste of novelty in this quiz contest its new episodes have entirely been shot in the picturesque landscape of Sri Lanka.

This article describes this quiz contest in its brand new avatar. Express India This article depicts the inspiring tale of two school kids from the small town of Ludhiana and how they made it to Bournvita Quiz Contest, the most revered quizzing contest in India.

This article tells the story of hard work and talent being rewarded. It also explains to you how this quiz contest has got a makeover in its new series. The entire episode has been shot in the idyllic landscape of Sri Lanka. The fact this quiz contest reaches out to a million students is a remarkable achievement in itself. Here he answers an array of questions regarding his most popular show. This package claims to have more than questions along with audio and video clues. However this review also warns you that you might face some problems while installing this CD.

Quizzing in India has come a long way and Bournvita Quiz Contest is one the most glorious milestone in the history of quizzing in India.


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