Yolkree Introduction 20 Syrups tting jiiing j i These are made by taking the strained liquid from a decoction and adding a specified quantity of cane sugar. Traditional Strategies The use of particular strategies or methods of treatment has been an integral part of traditional Chinese medicine for at least two thousand years. However, this is intended only as a starting point and reference; it is no substitute for a firm grounding in internal medicine. I26 Warm the Spleen Decoction wenpitang. After this time, most formularies settled on around twenty categories.

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See eBook FAQs for details. Included are over medicinal formulas drawn from both classical and modern sources. Each of the plus principal formulas includes a discussion of its therapeutic actions and indications, analysis of the functions and interactions of the ingredients, method of preparation, and a list of modifications to customize the formula in the clinic.

Over variations and associated formulas offer additional options for the practitioner. The commentary to each formula is extensive. The section on comparisons helps the practitioner focus on the distinguishing characteristics of each formula by contrasting it with other formulas that are similar in terms of composition or indication.

Tables at the end of each chapter reinforce these distinctions by comparing and contrasting formulas across a wider range. The introduction to the book traces the historical evolution of the formulas, and provides practical pointers for their preparation and use. Detailed timelines depict the key events, authors, and texts in the 2,year history of traditional Chinese herbal medicine, placing the contents of this book in historical context.

Among the appendices are a pinyin-to-English cross reference to the formulas, a basic summary formulary correlated to symptoms and disorders, a full listing of all books cited in the text, and a bibliography of all modern sources used in the preparation of the book. A comprehensive index to the formulas, and a general index, round out the contents.


Bensky - Formulas & Strategies

Carter on Apr 03, Regardless of its very few flaws, this is still the standard reference for basic chinese herbal formulas. Many books have formulas with herbs and dosages, but none speak so extensively of how each herb within the formula works. This is an indispensable tome for the OM student. As for whether the general public will appreciate it, I doubt it. This is the kind of book needed by those who aspire to writing personalized modifications of classical formulas It is a fantastic reference book and provides practitioners with detailed formulae descriptions, analysis of formulae and is invaluable to any Chinese medicine practitioner.


Chinese Herbal Medicine: Formulas & Strategies (Portable 2nd Edition)





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