Aaron H. Consider briefly explaining what the advertisement is selling and to whom as if the reader did not have the advertisement in front of him or her in your introduction. Your thesis should answer the primary question: how does this ad construct gender? Support your thesis by identifying and analyzing the cultural assumptions and stereotypes about gender that the ad relies on. In your conclusion, you might consider how effective the ad is in reaching its intended audience and how the construction of gender enhances or detracts from its effectiveness. A thesis and a series of claims should provide a logical structure and focus for your paper Claims should be fully supported by ideas and language from both texts.

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Friday, February 6, Becoming Members of Society By Aaron Devor "Characterizing femininity and masculinity in such a way does not portray the two clusters of characteristics as being in a hierarchical relationship to one another but rather as being two different approaches to the same question, that question being centrally concerned with the goals, means, and use of power.

Such an alternative conception of gender roles captures the hierarchical and competitive masculine thirst for power, which can, but need not, lead to aggression, and the feminine quest for harmony and communal well-being, which can, but need not, result in passivity and dependence" This quote is particular in that it highlights a fundamental idea that many modern day feminists and myself share.

That is, that instead of going with the same old "women can do everything men can just the same", Aaron Devor acknowledges that there is a significant diference between men and women, but no difference in importance. In my opinion Devor builds on this idea that men and women are built differently both physically and mentally to deal with different aspects of life. Women being naturally more submissive and docile will tend to be followers, not because they are inferior, but because they have a natural disposition to be motherly and please as many people.

Men on the other hand have a biological tendancy to be more agressive and dominant. Again, this does not signify superiority as it has typically thought to be but rather a different natural predisposition to what they have to do. I believe that when he says this is his article it is a turning point, and readers begin to realize the importance of both gender roles. Whether these gender roles are due to biological predisposition or because we have become socialized into them or some combination thereof it is important to acknowledge how critical it is to have balance and harmony in the world.

I believe this is made possible due to both the gender roles. In my childhood, for example, I can remember so many times that my parents acted in ways very typical of their gender. This was not a bad thing and it even provided my siblings and I with a balance in parenting. This balance and harmony in the home allowed us to solve and react to problems in ways we never would have thought of normally.

Work Cited: Devor, Aaron H. Posted by.


Becoming Members Of Society : Learning The Social Meaning Of Gender

Devor May 12, Aaron H. Devor starts by stating how gender identity begins at a very young age, between eighteen months and two years. Children then grow to understand which specific gender grouping they belong to. Society plays a big role in the definitions of masculinity and femininity since children will pick up on the values of the settings around them. Therefore, a child will try to conform to the gender identities set up by society.


Blog 1: Devor’s “Becoming Members of Society”



Aaron H. Devor’s “Becoming Members of Society


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