More options Baden Powell is a Brazilian musician with a solid international reputation. A gifted instrumentalist and composer, he bridges the gap between classical artistry and popular warmth and was a key figure in the bossa nova movement. Born in Varre-Sai in the state of Rio de Janeiro, he was baptized after his grandfather, a musician and conductor himself, whose father was an admirer of the Boy Scouts founder. Through Meira, a broad-minded musician, he discovered classics such as Segovia and Tarrega, along with Brazilian masters such as Garoto and Dilermando Reis. At 13, he used to run from school, earning his first cachets at the neighborhood parties. The place was a focal point for musicians, journalists, and aficionados interested in jazz.

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Inspired by bluegrass, country, and folk music from days gone by, The Hollow Trees perform versions of many well known and obscure old classics. Joining Greg and Laura on their 17 song CD are Rick Lyman on banjo, Dave Green on snare drum, and a whole bunch of friends and relatives on backing vocals and animal sounds.

Read online reviews:The Lovely Mrs. This dude is different in a way that is only told through the song titles. Where the doll originated was a mystery, but upon further inspection, they proceeded to begin redundant?

Pat took this name, though, and applied it to his 2nd solo release as himself. Remembering that fine morning, and all that in entailed, Pat begat his journey further into the twisted world of The Dibiase Featish SONGS: Starting off with "His Name was Robert Paulson", an emotionally charged political puzzle and hard hitting rock format, the album starts with a bang and an acoustic mosh mash dropped into the confusion in a supposedly "Humanitarian" country who takes a very hard and aggressive stance with the rest of the world.

Track 2 - "Wrecking Ball News" is an homage to the soldiers who love their job and the families who dare to take that on at the homefront. Oh yeah, usually you have to follow that up with "swine!


Baden Live A Bruxelles



Asa Branca


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