Bitte nehmen Sie sich einige Minuten Zeit um sich mit der Bedienungs- anleitung zubefassen. Montieren Sie gegebenenfalls einen Adapter. V erwenden Sie dazu nur die mitge- lieferten Sc Tabe lle 1: F un ktio ne n auf de r Fe rnbe die n ung Name Ref.

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Bitte nehmen Sie sich einige Minuten Zeit um sich mit der Bedienungs- anleitung zubefassen. Montieren Sie gegebenenfalls einen Adapter.

V erwenden Sie dazu nur die mitge- lieferten Sc Tabe lle 1: F un ktio ne n auf de r Fe rnbe die n ung Name Ref. Die Kindersic Uhrzeit 4. Gespeicherte Radiosender: T ouchpunkt zum Aufrufen gespeicherter Sender 7. Radiotextinformationen: 8. EQ : T ouchpunkt z Anstelle der Frequenz wir d die ID des Programmdienstes z. Steuern der Wiederg Aktuelle Uhrzeit 4. T racktitel 5. ID3-Informationen 6. Pflege und W artung 1.

Preparation 3 Optional Equipment 4 W arnin A ll installation and operating instructions will be included with the NA V navigation module. Press the metal levers on both sides to r emove the halfsleeve from the radio.

Install the half-sleeve. Install adapter if necessary optional. Install half-sleeve into adapter or dashboard use only the supplied screws. Do not for ce the sleeve into the opening or cause it to bend or bow. Locate th Make sure the unit is mounted within this limita- tion. Attach one end of the perforated support strap supplied to the screw stud on the r ear of the chassis using the hex nut provided. Fasten the other end of the perforated strap to a secu Pr ess again to close the TFT.

If button The above diagram is for illustrative purposes only. The buttons on the front of the unit light up and the current mode status appears in the LCD 7. Press and h The features available for adjustment und If the selected language is not supported by the DVD, then the default language is used. By default, the rating system is unlocked. Once setup, the parental lock is r eleased only by entering the correct passwor d.

Once the password is enter ed, rating is av Current radio band indicator 2. Radio frequency indicator 3. Clock 4. Stereo br oadcasting indicator 5. Strong Local signal br oadcasting indicator 6. Preset radio stations: T ouch to recall preset stations 7.

T ouch for quick acc Select a band if needed 2. T ouch an on-screen button P1- P6 to select the corr esponding stored station. Manual Storing of a Station 1. Please manual tune to the desired br oadcaster Frequency 2. Push the MEM on-screen button Rear video screens, if applicable, will operate nor- mally. Slow Mo Press the TITLE button 2 on the r emote control or on scr een to select a differ ent title for playback. Y ou can also select a title using the tou Press the enter button arr ow to tune to the selected station.

These region codes must match in order for the disc to play. For CD-R W di Current track and total number of tracks on r oot of disc 2. Elapsed playing time, track length 3. Current time 4. T rack titles 5. ID3 information 6. DIR-: to previous dir ectory 8. Use only a clean silicone cloth and neutral detergent to clean the fr ont panel or monitor. A rough cloth and nonneutral dete r gent such as alcohol may result in scratching or discoloration. Do not get water or cleaning fluids on the unit.

If the temperature inside the player gets too hot, a pr otective circuit aut Esperamos que encuentr e las instrucciones de este manual de usuario claras y faciles de seguir. Preparacion 3 Equipo opcional 4 Advertencia Instale la carcasa superior. Si es necesario, instale el adaptador opcional. No fuerce la Si el apa- rato no funciona, vuelva a comprobar todo el cableado hasta corr egir el problema.

NOT A: Si se reinicia el equipo d Indicador de banda de radio actual 2. Indicador de frecuencia de radio 3. Reloj 4. Sintonice manualmente la emisora deseada frecuencia. Para salir de la pantalla sin hacer una Tiempo actual. II : T oque Si la temperatura de Die Produkte No warranty without receipt! Это в частности: - технические чертежи audiovox - инструкции обслуживания VME TS - паспорта изделия audiovox - информационные брошюры - энергетические этикетки audiovox VME TS Все из них важны, однако самую важную информацию с точки зрения пользователя мы найдем в инструкции обслуживания audiovox VME TS.

Группа документов, определяемая как инструкции обслуживания, делится также на более подробные типы, такие как: Инструкции монтажа audiovox VME TS, инструкции обслуживания, короткие инструкции или инструкции пользователя audiovox VME TS. В зависимости от потребностей, Вам необходимо поискать требуемый документ. Похожие инструкции обслуживания.


Bedienungsanleitung AUDIOVOX VME 9309TSB

Yokinos Folder 5 is not recognized at all since it is at the Table Of Contents Thank you for choosing a Audiovox product. Your remote control may differ slightly from the auudiovox pictured here. Be the first to here about our latest and greatest offers and deals. Select, as shown below. You can also select a title using the touch screen.


Audiovox VME 9309 TS Manuals



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