Examining the Ways We Know We have moral duties to do things which it is right to do and moral duties not to do things More information. A poverty stricken student reaches the end of her financial resources More information. Arguers As Lovers. Wayne Brockriede Chapter 15 Social Contract Brockriede issues a statement that could serve as a credence for those who would desire to be a lover-arguer: Hales — — Open Court. He began his search for certainty by questioning the veracity of his own senses.

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It is not denied that a study of logic, of propositions, of symbols, of linguistic analysis, of the formats in which arguments are presented, and of the situations in which they occur should be included in any comprehensive study of argument.

The metaphor on which the classification is based is a sexual one. One stance may be characterized by the word rape. That rape is an apt analogy for many communicative events not ordinarily thought of as argument seems clear enough. Some communicators are not primarily interested in gaining assent to warrantable claims. Instead, they function through power, through an ability to apply psychic and physical sanctions, through rewards and especially punishments, through commands and threats.

The argumentative rapist views the relationship as a unilateral one. A second stance may be characterized by the word seduction.

Whereas the rapist conquers by force of argument, the seducer operates through charm or deceit. He, too, sees the relationship as unilateral. Although he may not be contemptuous of his prey, he is indifferent to the identity and integrity of the other person.

Whereas the intent of the rapist is to force assent, the seducer tries to charm or trick his victim into assent. A third argumentative stance may be characterized by the word love. Lovers differ radically from rapists and seducers in their attitudes toward co-arguers.

Whereas the rapist and seducer see a unilateral relationship toward the victim, the lover sees a bilateral relationship with a lover. Whereas the rapist and seducer look at the other person as an object or as a victim, the lover looks at the other person as a person. Scoring points by critical analysis: a reaction to Beaugrande. He argues on how he could defend his ignorance if Beaugrande does not demonstrate the kind of analysis it yields and how it contributes As for descriptive accounts, two approaches are noteworthy.

Firstly, Anglophone scholars have dealt with legal language from a genre-based viewpoint. Secondly, French studies have focused on argumentation in Brand Tone of Voice: a linguistic analysis of brand positions. Four linguistic techniques are applied: i analysis of chains of reference; ii analysis of transitivity and A diachronic perspective on changing routines in texts. Whereas diachronic pragmatic descriptions usually focus on the development of single and isolated items to Truth as an Epistemic Notion.

It seems that the truth of such sentences has to be identified with the existence of proofs or grounds, and the main issue is whether this existence is The theoretical-methodological principles which guided this research were: English for specific purposes, reading and textual genre. We are arguing that the hibernation, even if it is a quality of certain species, Altakhaineh, Abdel Rahman M.

This study considers the Holy Quran an example of a discourse, in which, words have distinct meanings. As for the methodology, the


Arguers As Lovers






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