Doujin So be sure to get that subscription via shop. You can always buy it airmigbty our webshopbut if you are having trouble finding the AirMighty Megascene then you can always email us. We uploaded several picture albums. Parking space is limited! We are a European publication using global input. The lead language is English but the stories are translated into German and French.

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Nikosar We uploaded several picture albums. But we aslo take you to several Bus meetings from the Netherlands to Spain and more, much more. If not, be sure to get it via the website and support our VW scene: As we are currently in the southern part of Germany, we are perfectly positioned to travel to various European destinations for that purpose.

The lead language is English but the stories are translated into German and French. Subscriptions are be available in our webshop. Written on 01 August Dus er is geen reden om niet aanwezig te zijn! With these connections we are able to bring you the latest developments and news from all over the world. With the heat of 35degress celcius, the water magzaine very much welcomed by those who got shot in the face.

Continue Reading Written on 10 December We are mainly focusing on European subjects but we will also bring you stories from the USA, Japan, Australia and …well from everywhere on the globe actually! Another year, another Portfolio.

Australia — Fresh Kustoms www. These will be shipped out to you all as soon as they magasine at our HQ! Well you can do this by advertising in the magazine or get your copy by subscribing online, buy them loose via our webshop or ask for magazone at your local distributor. Written on 15 October We had some small printing problems, but of course decided to keep the quality high so this means the new magazine will be out a little bit later as planned And be sure to ask your local aircooled VW shop to stock them, this can eventually save you on shipping costs!

You can also combine it with new loose magazines and other merchandise of course! It was the first time that we made it to magaxine show and we were looking magazin to catching up with our friends at RadikalbugzNeils at AirMighty MagazineLimebug VWthe CoolFlo Brothers and also make some new friends along the way. As usual you have the opertunity to already buy one upfront, collect it HERE. AirMighty Megascene celebrates its 8th anniversary.

You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Continue Reading Written on 08 February It is a magazine that you want to collect and we hope it is an addition to the VW-scene in general. Written on 24 September And the fact that this is the only event in Europe that allows all years of classic Volkswagens, meant that it was always going to be a huge event.

Our good friends at LimeBug VW gave us a lift with their vintage cool Tempo Matador See full feature here and we drove around the circuit in style. Do you want to see your advertisement in the most collectable aircooled VW magazine in the world? Continue Reading Written on 17 February The new Portfolio is filled with the best shots, your best shots!

Full is really full, so please send us an e-mail with your name and a picture of your car to This email address is being protected from spambots. Have you seen the official Ben Pon Show Aftermovie already!? Show us your VW lifestyle: Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing with you some incredible events mzgazine car projects from Germany, Belgium, France, Spain and even Monaco.

Continue Reading Written on 17 January Another nice evening with friends, no costs just fun in the middle of the Netherlands. Posted in AirMighty Megascene. Most Related.


AirMighty Magazine Issue #37

Look what airmight have here! You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You can also combine it with new loose magazines and other merchandise of course! The new AirMighty Megascene 30 is ready and filled with some great car and show reports! Distributors List Australia — Fresh Kustoms www. Do you already have that subscription? Dit doen we door wederom een meeting te organiseren in het centrum van Amersfoort, de stad waar het allemaal begonnen is!


AirMighty Magazine Issue #37


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