Yorn These include silicic acid, magnesium silicate, talc, titanium dioxide and barium sulfate. E — formation c coatings on ferrous s with adhesion of the metal support at least equal to those obtained with the anti-corrosive paint containing an alkyd or epoxy bicomponent binder and one or more organic solvents in the conditions of NF T of November. The process of claim 1, wherein the C 1 -C 8 -alkyl meth acrylate monomers of component i are selected from the group consisting of methyl meth acrylate, ethyl meth acrylate, and mixtures thereof. We also share information about the use the site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. The content of the antifoaming agent is preferably between 0. The viscosity of the resulting coating material was adjusted with 5 parts by weight of water to mPas.

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TG — Our strengths lie in our knowledge of the industry, based on many years of experience, and our proximity to our customers. Together with them, we develop tailor-made solutions, making sure that they benefit from a single contact person and onestop service.

Dispersions for Adhesives and Construction Our products are real all-rounders. They can be used as additives and processing aids and improve the functioning of countless everyday products.

They are microscopic yet highly effective, and their variable structure means they are extremely flexible and can take on a range of tasks: They bind, refine, protect and modify, and can also be effective in different consistencies, for example as dispersions, melts, powders or solutions.

Adhesive raw materials: making it stick, whatever the application. As experts with many years of experience in the field of polymer dispersions, we endeavor, with our know-how and our innovative products, to make life easier for our customers in the most widely varying spheres of activity.

Architectural coatings Aqueous coatings for interior and exterior use, as well as paints, varnishes, textured finishes and coatings improve walls, facades and other surfaces. They also provide protection against weathering and environmental factors. The variety of construction materials and surface structures, climatic conditions and applications mean that what is required of the raw materials varies greatly. We also offer thickeners, dispersing agents and other additives required in the manufacture of paints.

Construction One of the most demanding tasks in construction is protecting and preserving building materials. BASF polymer dispersions and redispersible polymer powders are easy to handle and process, and can be used flexibly and in a variety of ways both indoors and outdoors.

Beauty and durability combined: coatings protect facades from weathering and other environmental impacts. Fiber bonding BASF is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of acrylic dispersions and resins for the nonwovens industry. The wide range of products is used in numerous industry branches as raw materials for binding, modifying and refining materials and substrates.

We also offer thermoset binders for renewable raw materials and other fibers in the form of our acrylic solutions. We offer polyvinylpyrrolidone PVP for glue sticks, hotmelt applications and other applications.

Our products have excellent adhesive properties, combined with outstanding workability and faultless coating — even at high production and coating speeds. Polyvinylpyrrolidone PVP for technical applications Water-soluble special polymers based on polyvinylpyrrolidone PVP have been on the market for over 50 years.



The mixture obtained in B was incorporated with vigorous stirring into the dispersion obtained in D. ISOthe rusting of ferrous metal plates, as the case non-phosphated or phosphated, degreased and dried, is reduced very significantly by the presence of the corrosion inhibitor Serad FAas can be seen reading of the evaluation of degree of rusting made according to the rating method specified in the same standard NF T Advantageously, thanks to the anticorrosive coating composition according to the invention, it is not necessary to add other film-forming binder, such as an epoxy ester, to achieve high performance of the corrosion resistance. The exact price can follow the dealer. Sicher nicht Acronal The pH of the mixture obtained was adjusted with 0. Inquiry about Acronal D E — formation of coatings on ferrous substrates with adhesion of the metal support at least equal to those obtained with the anti-corrosive paint containing an alkyd or epoxy bicomponent binder and one or more organic solvents in the conditions of NF T of November.


Acronal 290 D: a binder for textured finishes


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