Start your review of 34 Bubblegums and Candies Write a review Apr 29, Tess Thomas rated it it was amazing A condition that my mom put forward when she got me a membership in local library years back was no book lending during weekdays. That was because those days I used to spend long hours reading and not even hunger could distract me once I started with a book. Years passed and after two years of slogging in a software firm, I ended up taking as much as a whole month to complete a book. I began spending more time in front of the PC and TV instead.

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You start and the words tumble out like toys in an overstuffed box that has been emptied, and you sort out the pieces and take what you were looking for.

My first book yes, I am going to be a published author! It is in press right now. The book will be available at all major bookstores in India, all the Crosswords and the Landmarks and also on the Internet on Rediff and most likely Amazon as well, by 25th of this month.

The book is based entirely on my blog posts. There are many posts which have been adapted, and many new ones as well.

It has been a long journey of two years. I started the blog to overcome my absolute shock, deep grief and my broken heart, when I lost the person who meant the world to me. Click here to read all about it. I never thought that my writings would touch so many people and help them too, along the way. I started the blog to help myself—It grew. Beyond what I thought, envisaged or expected. Many people wrote to me, asking me to put it all in a book, and I began working on it.

I agree with the quote. Tu likh jo tujhe likhna hai. You write whatever you have to. That is exactly how I felt. To say tha t I felt discouraged is putting it mildly. Very mildly. They really believed in me and my writing.

I held on to their words like a drowning person holds on to the last bit of wood floating. And I desperately wanted them to be right. I completed my manuscript and then began the long process of finding a publisher, researching about the Indian publishing industry, writing to them, correspondence, phone calls—waiting, waiting and more waiting. It was only after I signed the contract that I told my other friends.

Most were thrilled. And some were—well, forget it. Ajay did a LOT for me. I feel extremely fortunate to have him as a friend.

He dug out information, he spoke to people who had been-there-done-that, made notes, called me a countless times in between his hectic and stressful work schedule, put me in touch with Amit Gauba , a graphic designer, and kept following up with me about the progress of the book. Amit and I worked together for the book cover; We sat up night after night, discussing concepts, looking at options and deciding what has to be there.

Whew—I never knew it could be so difficult. He brilliantly executed what I had in mind. And we came up with 26 different covers, before finally choosing this one. I admired his patience and his efforts. Cherrisa, another of my closest friends gave me a lot of moral support and kind words.

She was, I think, even more thrilled than I was, when I first told her the news. Satish was so very supportive. He held the fort down making dinner after he came back from work, reading to the kids, ironing their uniform, doing studies with them, sorting out their fights while I huddled over my computer, writing, re-writing, editing, re-thinking, contacting people and doing a million other things that go into making of a book.

I feel blessed to have him as my husband. Rohit Srivastwa , thats his pic on the right another good friend, sat up for three consecutive nights along with me, till a. The only time he could spare was after p. He has so much of patience and explained to me many technical things. I have no idea about web designing or registering domain names, hosting it or anything else He also gave me useful links that helped to execute a few things I had in mind.

Do put a picture in your profile as well. There are widgets and badges to grab, which you can put in the side bars of your blogs. If you happen to be in either of these cities, do come—I would love to meet you.

Do confirm attendance if you are coming. At the Bubblegums and Candies circle page Seats may be limited as the events are being held at the book store. September 7th is his second death anniversary.

It still hurts deeply to even say it I am going to Kerala to be with my mom. She needs me. I may not be able to visit your blogs or reply to your comments for a while. In the acknowledgements section of the book, I have thanked my blog-readers and my online friends who cared enough to leave comments and read what I wrote, and connected with me.

Your words meant a lot to me. So much that I have written a book. A heartfelt thanks.


34 Bubblegums and Candies



34 Bubblegums and Candies. Behind the scene.




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