The Auto Dynamic circuitry continuously adjusts the actual attack and release times to optimally match the program material. As a result, production studios can use the versatile XL to replace multiple "single-purpose" limiters while sound reinforcement users can standardize on the XL for all of their applications. In Stereo couple mode, the Channel 1 controls become Master controls, and Channel 2 follows precisely to ensure a rock solid stereo image-even with high amounts of compression. Professionals and newcomers will find that the XL sets up rapidly and musically the first time it is used, and every time thereafter.

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Easy to use, it is an effective compressor through the automatic functions of management and attack and release mode overeasy "apparently typical of DBX. No audible noise live. Here, I use it only in this application and lightly, but the difference is clearly audible. I would do without hesitation that choice if I were to resume this type of material.

Did you find this review helpful? VU had a little nitre t nice to compare the output level with that of But given the difficulty of putting more on the faade, I Tolra And it does plutt well. Without going into dtails, there are more suitable compressors situations than others.

Because quite often it is more expensive, the more typ Some are not transparent enough, which I find ridiculous since before the compression is done really feel, even when it is necessary to go a little in the excs level rglages APRS when I read that the compression is felt even too much, I think these people do not know what a LA2A or o the sound is really most striking about the pump Transparency is good, but too much not to make money and SAVE In short, trs matrisable compression, a small lack of personality when looking cratifs effects on a battery or bass.

Contour button quite effective and the function OverEasy. The peak limiter is quite efficient and relatively transparent. This is a good camera to learn to use a compressor, as it requires to really get the rglages to get out a good rsultat.

Trs instructive when searching, you can really get out of pretty things personal, bass drum and snare and supercharged gain roundness. A ct of I has an optical compressor circuit with a Class A lamp that is more musical but ultimately less flexible. For a more pro, I think it belongs in a toolbox, as if they have another compressor to sound more color to broaden the possibilities.

Manuel clear, even if I find lightweight, I would have AIM, for example schmas assembly, with the sidechain, not just an explanation Good point, to outline the key which does not compress much lower than the rest of the spectrum.

No noise gate, compression efficient, effective rglages. Finally I took the XL for the limiter. I do not regret at all the extra cost compared to the S-Com Plus. Much better sound level, compression is not the sound of the gate, the quality of manufacturing is felt more at the touch of the notches of pots I do not regret buying the S-Com Plus , because it made me realize the difference between the two machines.

For me the diffrence in price is justified and weaker and weaker. I intend to buy one in order to compress multiple vocal tracks. July Edit: I have a ratchet deuxime, and they really suit me. Now I look for one with a little grain of characters for variety.


DBX 266XL Compressor/Gate

To configure this type of device, depending on the use you want to make Mix, voice, instrument It is really effective and suitable for several uses. He did a good job. I used to mix as compressor before replacing it with a multiband , although this set does it. Do not try to "color" the sound, it is not its role. I now use two microphones one microphone per channel in this area, he did a great job. No ignition switch on or off on the front!


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All user reviews for the dbx 266XL


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