Learn how and when to remove this template message Vennello Aadapilla English: Lady in the moonlight is written by Yandamoori Veerendranath. This is a romantic novel written in Telugu which contains drama, knowledge, information, suspense and more. Based on this novel, a serial was also made, for which the author received the Nandi award for the Best Director. This novel is a read that is apt for those who search for romance, knowledge and a convincing story line.

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Genre: Romance Synopsis: Only minutes is left before the deadline she gave him to find her phone number. Just then an idea flashed before him. The result is? The moving plane stopped. But he is dialing phone leisurely. Total telephone department was cast a net to find her number. Does he find her No. A fragile fight between a chess champion and an Oxford girl - From fairly small puzzles to the Pythagoras theory - With a handy use of telephone department as a backdrop - A novel which puts you suspense every minute and leaves an eternal mellifluous feel in your mind after.

Character description and alternate synopsis: Revanth is a world chess champion, often ignored of his victories by his own country people. One day a girl introduces herself as a fan of him over phone. She writes him elaborate letters about herself, her interests, which are quite poetic and intelligently written.

His curiosity piques. Side story is also equally interesting. He proposes to her after their first meet. But fate has another thought. A deep secret is buried inside her, still she accepts his proposal. Under her companionship, James slowly starts opening up to her. Will the hidden secrets be revealed?

What awaits for them at the end? I suggest you to purchase the book, if you can read Telugu. If any objectionable content is there, please leave a comment. Posted by.


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